The integration of production and education helps intelligent manufacturing move forward! | Southeast University, Eston & TRIO Industrial Robot and Motion Control Laboratory awarded the license

The signing ceremony of "Southeast University, Estun & TRIO Industrial Robot Motion Control Laboratory" was successfully held at Southeast University.
1648434503160402.jpgZhou Ailin of ABG Automation Industry Group of Estun Automation Co., Ltd., Xu Leping, industry director, Qin Yong, manager of education industry, Yin Zheng, sales director of Hagong Haidu Education Technology Group, Li Yan, head of the Nanjing competition base of the China Robot Competition of the Chinese Society of Automation, Zhao Huize, secretary of the Party Committee of the Automation College, Wei Haikun, executive dean, Li Shihua, Zhang Ya, vice deans and other department leaders, teachers and students attended the signing ceremony.
1648434503208458.jpgAs one of the leading enterprises in the field of automation and industrial robots in China, Estun Automation has maintained rapid development, all of which are inseparable from the vigorous investment in the field of research and development, and the cooperation with universities is also an important part. At the same time, Estun himself has an urgent need for R&D talents in the field of motion control and robotics.
Estun Automation, as a leading enterprise in China's automation and industrial robot industry, and the School of Automation of Southeast University, as one of the first University in China to offer robotics engineering majors, and Harbin Institute of Technology Haidu's professional advantages in the field of education and teaching equipment, the three parties have joined forces to jointly Established Southeast University, Estun & TRIO Industrial Robot and Motion Control Laboratory, and completed the delivery after hard work.
1648434504382864.jpgEstun Automation's mature solution for the field of education
Estun and partners have built several sets of teaching and training test benches:
1. Industrial robot skill assessment training platform

2. Industrial robot motion control test bench
The experimental bench control system is developed based on the TRIO high-performance motion controller. It adopts a modular design and can be compatible with a variety of robot controllers and servo drive systems at the same time. It can complete motion control training for various common industrial robot types, so that students can master the industrial Knowledge of commonly used kinematics, servo drive systems, fieldbuses, etc. The test bench is equipped with open-architecture 3D virtual simulation software, which can construct various industrial robots. Students can write kinematics algorithms, verify the control effect of robot algorithms and learn 3D virtual simulation technology.
1648434505650302.jpg3. Intelligent control unit test bench
The intelligent control unit platform integrates robots, vision systems, servo axes and external IO in one, relying on TRIO's powerful motion controller, allowing students to learn the control of servo axes and vision systems during the process of learning SCARA/DELTA/MINI robot control. Students can also use the host computer language to call the TRIO DLL library for robot and external axis control. One platform enables multiple types of control learning.
1648434506528016.jpg4. Teaching workstations such as welding, palletizing, gluing and so on
All kinds of teaching workstations based on Estun robots have trained a number of outstanding talents for many domestic colleges and universities.
1648434506860144.jpg5. Supporting teaching materials: Estun and Hagong Haidu have successively published several sets of educational training books "Introduction to Industrial Robots Practical Tutorial", "Industrial Robot Motion Control Technology", "Industrial Robot Motion Control Experimental Bench Training Instruction Manual", "Intelligent Robotics" Motion Control Technology Application Primary Course", through supporting content, realizes the standardization and systematization of industrial robot and motion control teaching, which is convenient for teachers to better carry out teaching and students to better learn in class and after class.
Education is the foundation of development, Estun will continue to work with major universities and partners to explore the research cooperation of control engineering theory and engineering, industrial robot control and application, etc., and at the same time promote the cooperation of curriculum design enterprise practice, school-enterprise cooperation training base, university competition and teaching market promotion, etc., and write a new chapter for all parties to cooperate in industry-university-research and industry-education integration. Estun's professional solutions for the education industry
In accordance with industry standards, Estun uses the company's technology and product resources to serve the cause of education, serve the transformation and upgrading and sustainable development of China's manufacturing industry, and provide support services for the education industry.
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