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Nanjing Estun Automation Company, incorporated in 1993, is a company which seized the development opportunity lying in the reform and opening-up policy and has made arduous efforts along with its entrepreneurial team for over 20 years. The Company has not only become one of the leading domestic enterprises in manufacturing core controlling parts for high-end intelligent equipment, but has also entered into the industry of industrial robots for its strengths in core part manufacturing, transforming itself into a major enterprise engaged in domestic robot industry equipped with autonomous technology and capacity in core part manufacturing. On March 20, 2015, Estun Automation became duly listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock abbreviation: Estun; stock code: 002747), becoming one of the listed mainstream company engaged in domestic robots industry in China which is equipped with completely proprietary technology.

ESTUN is acknowledged by the nation as a high-tech enterprise and is equipped with a national enterprise postdoctoral workstation, 3 engineering technology centers of Jiangsu Province, a provincial enterprise technology center of Jiangsu Province, a national engineering technology center for machinery industry and acts as Functional Parts Branch of National Committee of Metalforming Machinery Standardization, Vice President of China Robot Alliance, Executive Chairman of Jiangsu Specialized Committee of Industrial Robot and Chinese member of International Federation of Robotics (IFR). Meanwhile, the Company has successively undertaken a number of national major technological research & development projects, including 04 special projects of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (major specials projects on basic equipment and numerically-controlled machine tool), 2 major specials projects on 863 high technology of Ministry of Science and Technology, and 2 achievement transformation industrialization projects of Jiangsu Province, etc.. The Company has developed a number of national or industrial standards for NC equipment and NC system independently or as a leading part; the Company also owns over hundred of domestic and foreign patents.   

For a long time, Estun Automation has held the idea of “concentration, integrity and growing together” and stick to global resources integration and autonomous technological innovation based on client need and has proposed a series of complete solution to intelligent equipment automation and industrial robot, which prove to be distinctively advantageous in competition.  

At present, two business models have been formed:
1) Module of core functional parts for intelligent equipment, which include numerical control system, electro hydraulic servo system, AC servo system and motion control solution;
2) Module of industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing system, which include robot body, standardized workstation of robot and intelligent manufacturing system.     

Estun Automation has proposed in its new development phase such development strategy as “dual-core and dual-wheel driving”:

Dual core refers to two core business: core functional parts of intelligent equipment and industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing system;
Dual wheel refers to two motive force of development: connotative development (innovation of technology, product and business mode) and extended development (merger, investment and trans-trade development); 

Based on the development strategy as “dual-core and dual-wheel driving”, Estun takes client need as the supreme goal and take core functional parts of intelligent equipment as a long-term and basic development strategy; it sustains its competitive advantages in core functional parts of intelligent equipment through technological innovation and provides first-class controlling parts for more intelligent equipment and motivates domestic intelligent equipment manufacturing to realize full-scale progress and high-speed development. Meanwhile, as one of the few enterprises which master key technology of industrial robot and produce core parts, Estun will give play to its unique competitive advantage and take domestic industrial robot industry for which it is equipped with core technology as the main engine for future development. The Company will, by combining its strengths in intelligent equipment and core products manufacturing, integrate industrial internet and informatization technology and set intelligent manufacturing system as the next prioritized development objective. The Company seizes this cone-in-a-century chance in this new generation of industrial revolution and robot industry, and plays an active role in taking advantage of capital market as a platform to realize integration of high-quality industrial resource. Estun will explore new business mode by adopting internet thinking method and undertakes its responsibility for national robot industry development for which it is obliged and capable of. Estun is determined to become a Chinese enterprise worthy of international respect in robot field and is committed to play an important role in building China as a great manufacturer.



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