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The Eighth China International Robot Summit Forum :Speech of ESTUN Automation-Building a Robotics Industry ECO Chain


On September 18th, the Eighth China International Robot Summit Forum is held at Shanghai. Mr. Zhu Chunhua, the executive CEO of ESTUN Automation, attends this forum and gives a speech on "Building a robotics industry ECO Chain”. In the keynote speech, Mr. Zhu declares that ESTUN Automation spares no effort to to give system integrators strong support for a win-win target.

Mr. Zhu says ESTUN has been on its way to build the ECO chain. Next, ESTUN will keep on exploring and offer powerful support to ECO chain with high quality, great service and sufficient funds. What’s more, ESTUN promises a delivery date within 20 days, a 3-year guarantee period for core components, very low price for consumables, domestic after-sales response with 24 hours, conflict protection priority for partners. All these policies and actions are for the sake of partners’ rapid development.
Mr. Zhu said that ESTUN Automation will try to identify the needs of users thoroughly. In the future, automation in China could lead the whole world. To build a complete robotics ECO chain, he calls on participants to "go to the feast with no fear of challenge." 
ESTUN will hold the Partner Exchange Conference at Nanjing on September 28th. The theme is “Drawing the Future Together”. In this conference, ESTUN Automation will announce to provide partners with mature technology, targeted industrial cases, and special financial support in a cooperative and win-win manner, covering the entire life cycle of robots to give more confidence to system integrators. ESTUN will cultivate advanced robotics brands together with every partner. In addition, ESTUN Automation will release a variety of new industrial application-level robot products during the event.

      ESTUN has long been engaged in R&D, production and sales of core control function parts of intelligent equipment, industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing system. At present, it not only becomes one of the domestic leading enterprises with core control function parts of high-end intelligent equipment but also rises to the leading enterprise matrix of domestic industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing field with independent technology and core parts by its technical advantages of core parts.

      In the new development stage, company advances the development strategy “dual-core and double-wheel drive”, takes core parts of intelligent equipment as the basis and robot and intelligent manufacturing system as the main engineer in future development, integrates industry Internet and information technology based on its current superior combination of intelligent manufacturing core products, makes the intelligent manufacturing system as the next key development objective, and drives company to rapidly grow in the new development stage.

      ESTUN has two foreign subsidiaries in Turkey and India, 19 domestic offices, 48 domestic and foreign agents and 39 product joint-guarantee service providers.


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