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ESTUN Automation Promise to Promote Robotics ECO chain to Develop Healthily through Multiple Efforts


On September 20th, the 7th China Robot Industry Summit (the 4th CEO Roundtable) was held at Xijiao State Guest Hotel Conference Center, Shanghai. The purpose of this summit is to promote the development of robotics industry along with local intelligent manufacturing industry, making YRD region a world-class robotics industry development area.
ESTUN is one of the Jiangsu Provincial Industrial Robots Professional Committee Chairman Units, playing the leading role in Chinese robotics industry. As invited, ESTUN discussed with the other guests on:

  • How to facilitate the cooperation among Three Provinces & One City (Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Anhui Province & Shanghai) in YRD region on robotics industry;
  • How robotics corporations could rebuild the industrial chain, innovation chain as well as the value chain in a better way;
  • How to build the industrial ECO chain in YRD region.


Mr. ZHU Chunhua, the chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial Industrial Robots Professional Committee, meanwhile, the executive CEO of ESTUN Automation, pointed out that robotics industry in Jiangsu was considerable and growing rapidly. With advantages in market, industrial cluster, and R&D, the place attracted a plenty of international famous robots manufacturing corporations and application corporations. Industrial chain in this place covered core components R&D, robots bodies manufacturing, and system integration service. There were many evidences proving the prosperity. For example, in 2017, the total robots industrial market was over than 100 billion Yuan. Besides, 4 companies in Jiangsu were confirmed as the 1st batch of qualified industrial robotics companies among 15 in the whole country.
Mr. ZHU claimed it was possible to build the robots industrial ECO chain in RYD region benefit from the largest proportion share on robots body manufacturing corporations. Firstly, competition must be in order, avoiding excessive homogenization competition, especially detrimental price war. “What we should do is to give full play of every firm according its own special advantages and regional character to grow together in a favorable environment.” He said, “As one of the robots body suppliers, ESTUN is preparing for the ECO chain. We will spare no effort to support the industry.”
Promisingly, in the future, the cooperation will contribute to the national economy development. ESTUN will always be market-oriented and be the pusher and contributor.

      ESTUN has long been engaged in R&D, production and sales of core control function parts of intelligent equipment, industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing system. At present, it not only becomes one of the domestic leading enterprises with core control function parts of high-end intelligent equipment but also rises to the leading enterprise matrix of domestic industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing field with independent technology and core parts by its technical advantages of core parts.

      In the new development stage, company advances the development strategy “dual-core and double-wheel drive”, takes core parts of intelligent equipment as the basis and robot and intelligent manufacturing system as the main engineer in future development, integrates industry Internet and information technology based on its current superior combination of intelligent manufacturing core products, makes the intelligent manufacturing system as the next key development objective, and drives company to rapidly grow in the new development stage.

      ESTUN has two foreign subsidiaries in Turkey and India, 19 domestic offices, 48 domestic and foreign agents and 39 product joint-guarantee service providers.


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