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ESTUN Automation & Trio (UK) held "Advanced (Flexible) Intelligent Control Unit for Smart Factory" Product Promotion Meeting


ESTUN Automation & Trio (UK) held "Advanced (Flexible) Intelligent Control Unit for Smart Factory"  Product Promotion Meeting
On the morning of September 21st, the "Advanced (Flexible) Intelligent Control Unit for Smart Factory" product promotion meeting was successfully held by ESTUN Automation & Trio (UK) at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). The presentation focused on ESTUN intelligent control unit solution, integrated EtherCAT controller (FLEX6-Nano and PC-MCAT-S) software technology. These products provide open motion control solution for modularized, functionalized and integrated development of intelligent equipment manufacturing.

Mr. ZHU Lei, the General Manager of ESTUN Automation Intelligent Control Unit Division, introduced the features of the “Intelligent Control Unit Solution Based on Small Workstation” to guests. He said ESTUN Intelligent Control Unit Solution was based on ESTUN Trio controller platform, which integrated ESTUN robots, AC servo system and vision system to manage to control multiple robots, servo axes, vision systems and logic control with only one controller. That is, a comprehensive and powerful automation solution. Besides, to meet the needs of different industries, ESTUN Automation offers customized exclusive updating and technical support service to provide users with one-stop support, flexible wiring and cost-efficient motion control solutions to help users achieve automated digital production quickly.

Mr. WANG Xiaonan, the deputy chief engineer of ESTUN Motion Control Systems Division, as well as the Technical Director of Trio, introduced Trio's latest products - economical EtherCAT controllers (FLEX6-Nano and PC-MCAT-S). Flex-6-Nano is a compact and economical EtherCAT controller that supports up to 64 axes of motion. Fex-6-Nano can be "inserted" directly into the Trio Flexslice system without the any EtherCAT coupler. Trio Flexslice input/output and other functional modules provide a powerful, fast and flexible solution for motion control and general automation.
To keep up with the trend of domestic automation industry - standardization, modularization, miniaturization and flexibility, ESTUN Automation will always be market-oriented. With self-owned IPR core components and motion control technology, ESTUN Group spares no effort to support the update and development of national equipment manufacturing industry.

      ESTUN has long been engaged in R&D, production and sales of core control function parts of intelligent equipment, industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing system. At present, it not only becomes one of the domestic leading enterprises with core control function parts of high-end intelligent equipment but also rises to the leading enterprise matrix of domestic industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing field with independent technology and core parts by its technical advantages of core parts.

      In the new development stage, company advances the development strategy “dual-core and double-wheel drive”, takes core parts of intelligent equipment as the basis and robot and intelligent manufacturing system as the main engineer in future development, integrates industry Internet and information technology based on its current superior combination of intelligent manufacturing core products, makes the intelligent manufacturing system as the next key development objective, and drives company to rapidly grow in the new development stage.

      ESTUN has two foreign subsidiaries in Turkey and India, 19 domestic offices, 48 domestic and foreign agents and 39 product joint-guarantee service providers.


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