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Open to Cooperate, Grow Together ESTUN Robotics & Partners Cooperation Meeting Successfully Held


On September 28th, the ESTUN Robotics & Partners Cooperation Meeting was held in Nanjing. The theme is “Follow Trend & Grow Together”. Nearly 100 robotics system integrators from all over China participated. The meeting focused on the value and achievements that ESTUN had brought to the industry over the years. Speakers shared the application of ESTUN robots in various industries as well as the relevant technology. By providing support to partners, ESTUN and partners will grow together in the future. Mr. ZHANG Xiaofei, chairman of Gaogong Robot, attended and played the host.

In the first half of the meeting, guests visited ESTUN's smart robots manufacturing factory, it just into operation in 2018. They also visited robot related automation core component production base. After the tour, visitors had an initial understanding of ESTUN whole series of products and smart manufacturing in ESTUN.    

In the afternoon, the executive CEO of ESTUN Automation, Mr. ZHU Chunhua, presented ESTUN profile. He claimed that ESTUN had been preparing for building the robotics industrial Eco Chain. In the future, ESTUN would offer powerful support to robotics industry on quality, service, and finance to help partners make profit quickly. Mr. LI Yulong, the sales director of ESTUN Robotics, introduced the advantages ESTUN would provide during the whole period of cooperation including delivery date, after sales service, technological support, and deep integration, and so on. All these promises and policies enhanced the participants’ will to cooperate.

Fig. Mr. ZHU Chunhua is speaking

Next, Mr. WANG Jiegao, the general manager of ESTUN Robotics, as well as the executive committee of IFR, together with Mr. HUANG Zhongtai, the vice general manager, introduced ESTUN whole series of robots and relevant technology. They also shared their opinion on the future of industrial robots, application fields and the R&D trend.
In addition, a signing ceremony for qualified partners was held on site.
As one of the best corporations in domestic industrial robots field, ESTUN is willing to cooperate with qualified integrators in a long time to form an equal strategic cooperation relation between each other. ESTUN has self-owned IPR core components. In the future, ESTUN will be more and more market-oriented to run flexibly to meet market demand. ESTUN will also supply customized exclusive software and robots body to integrators. With ESTUN special work stations, the both sides are close to a win-win end.




      ESTUN has long been engaged in R&D, production and sales of core control function parts of intelligent equipment, industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing system. At present, it not only becomes one of the domestic leading enterprises with core control function parts of high-end intelligent equipment but also rises to the leading enterprise matrix of domestic industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing field with independent technology and core parts by its technical advantages of core parts.

      In the new development stage, company advances the development strategy “dual-core and double-wheel drive”, takes core parts of intelligent equipment as the basis and robot and intelligent manufacturing system as the main engineer in future development, integrates industry Internet and information technology based on its current superior combination of intelligent manufacturing core products, makes the intelligent manufacturing system as the next key development objective, and drives company to rapidly grow in the new development stage.

      ESTUN has two foreign subsidiaries in Turkey and India, 19 domestic offices, 48 domestic and foreign agents and 39 product joint-guarantee service providers.


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