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Applied in welding industry

► CO2/MIG/MAG Gas Metal Arc Welding Workstation

ESTUN hollow wrist robots reduce interference of cables. High performancewelding gun, ESTUN welding power source and ESTUN Mate weldingsoftware package can make an ideal integrated welding workstation. ESTUNarc welding stations have characteristics of super spatter-free, good weld bead appearance, and low heat input to base material. They can support sophisticated welding functions such as pre weld data setting , pendulum welding, intermittent welding, etc. ESTUN robotic arc welding stations can be widely used in steel furniture, automobile parts, electric bike, motorcycles,fitness equipment, medical equipment, elevators, agricultural machinery,aluminum film plate and other industries.

► TIG Argon Arc Welding Workstation

The workstation combines ESTUN robots with domestic leading pulse TIG welding power sources, and achieve fast data exchange between welder and controller based on self-developed ESTUN Mate arc welding software package, The workstation meets welding needs for sheet and yttrium with self-fused no spark argon gas arc welding function and multi-shape impulse filler-metal argon gas arc welding function.

► Spot Welding

ESTUN spot welding robot is equipped with ESTUN high speed servo motor to realize fast, agile and precise control. High load capacity of ESTUN spot welding robots cover a variety of spot welding holders. With IPC, it is possible to control the system via Ethernet in real time, and carry out large-scale pipelining with single or multiple robots. ESTUN Spot welding can be applied to automobile and parts welding line.

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