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Welding-- spot welding, arc welding and laser welding ►

■ Spot welding

The special ER170 spot welding robot is equipped with ESTUN servo motor with high speed and low inertia which realizes high speed, flexible and accurate control, and it has a high load capability which can do spot welding of different types; it is equipped with small type control cabinet, adopts IPC, realizes Ethernet control system, can carry out assembly line operation in a large scale with mutual cooperation with multiple robots, and can be applied to welding production line.

■ Arc welding

ER6 special arc welding robot is equipped with Aotai welding power and BINZEL welding gun; it independently research and develop welding software package, and combines into one in a way of bus; all setups and adjustments of welding conditions can be realized by robot demonstrator. It can be widely used in steel furniture, automobile parts and other industries.

■ Laser welding

ER laser welding robot has a high track precision and a good repeated positioning. Laser welding processing improves welding efficiency by exchanging workbenches, and makes sure that at the time of that laser welding is on at internal workbench, the clamping of workpiece can be operated smoothly at outer workpiece. It can be widely used in metal plate processing, automobile, kitchen equipment and electronic engineering, medical treatment or mould manufacturing.

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