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Total Solution for Shearing machine

Total Solution for swing-type plate shearing machine ►

A: E21S+ Shilin frequency converter

CAN bus communication control is adopted between E21S and Shilin frequency converter with simple wiring, which can realize quick and accurate positioning of keep-off shaft as well as indicating blade gap. It has built-in shearing process time relay function.

B. E200PS+RroNet series servo system

CAN bus control is adopted between E2000PS and PRONET servo with simple wiring, stable and reliable. It can realize high-speed and accurate positioning of keep-off shaft of swing-type shearing machine to realize automatic control of blade gap.

C. DAC310S+ RroNet series servo system

DAC310S equipped with RRONET series servo can realize full function control over swing-type shearing machine. It can also realize accurate high-speed control over front and back keep-off shaft and accurate control over blade gap. It has built-in shearing process time relay with I/O port to be configured at will.

Total Solution for brake-type shearing machine ►

A: DAC360S (DAC362S) + ProNet series servo system

DAC360S (DAC362S) + ProNet series servo can realize full function control over brake-type shearing machine to realize independent control over front feeding and keep-off shaft. It can also realize linkage control of double keep-off shaft and control over blade gap, shearing process, shear angle, retainer. It has built-in logical function and free definition of I/O port to realize direct control over machine tool movement.

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