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Electro-hydraulic servo and hybrid two-way pump control bending machine hydraulic system

Electro-hydraulic servo and hybrid two-way pump control bending machine hydraulic system  ►

A set of 1000kN bending machine with hybrid energy-saving system may reduce carbon dioxide discharge by 6000kg every year, which equivalent to planting 330 trees; it also save 150 liters hydraulic oil which does not contain the hydraulic oil to be replaced regularly every year. Energy loss decreases significantly, thus slowing down the deterioration rate of hydraulic oil due to high temperature so that oil life can be prolonged by 3 times. With power saving of 6000kWh every year, it is a real revolution of green bending machine.

Estun provides the CNC machine with an energy-conservative-controlled follow-up switch which changes with time.

Energy configuration with hybrid drive composed of two-way plunger pump and servomotor set a new example in respect of forging machine tool energy-saving. With lower cost compared with common variable pump, extremely low noise disposal create environmental comfort and reduce labor intensity to effectively reduce potential safety hazard brought by fatigue operation. Highly efficient volume control reduces oil medium consumption by the system, leakage and calorific value incurred, thus energy consumption of the system is significantly reduced.

17-digit encoder in servomotor may realize step angle control above 0.01°, which is more accurate for hydraulic pump to conduct system leakage compensation. There is no surplus oil output, let alone extra overflow loss; the synchronism is quite favorable to better solve the problem of multi-cylinder driving and synchronous control. Test indicates that in pressure maintaining phase, bending machine can obtain data from Delem system by feedback signal of grating position, which indicates repeated positioning accuracy of the dead point below sliding block can be stably controlled at 0.005mm.

System performance test:

Motor is the energy transfer element with real-time balance between energy consumption and power. Different from hydraulic pressure station, motor has extremely low power in static condition with motor efficiency more than 95%. Direct drive structure almost has no energy loss. Drive has internal capacitance which recycles energy at the time of braking.

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