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Total Solution for Bending machine

Total Solution for bending machine with torsion shaft ►

A:E21+ Shihlin converter control 

E21+ Shihlin converter control via bus communication, wiring is simple, performance is good, block and block shaft can be positioned rapidly and accurately. Time relay is built in, partial logic function is realized. It is featured with low cost and high efficiency.

B: E200P+ PRONET series servo system

E200P+ PRONET servo can control bending machine with conventional torsion shaft perfectly. Block and block shaft can be positioned rapidly and accurately via bus control. Action of machine tool can be controlled directly via built-in logic function to improve the overall cost efficiency of the machine tool. Overall cost is moderate and installation and debugging are convenient.

C: BA41S+ PRONET series servo system

Classic numerical control system DA41S is improved again to control machine tool with torsion shaft perfectly together with PRONET servo. Advanced functions of angle programming, pressure calculation and built-in logic improve the overall competitiveness of the machine tool. Outstanding product quality erases the worries in the future.

Total Solution for  all-electric bending machine 

A:DA66T+ ProNet serco+ Heidenhain Linear Encoder

DA66T can control 3 shafts synchronously to reduce the load of each shaft. Together with PRONET large-torque servo, it can control all-electric bending machine perfectly, efficiently, precisely, energy-efficiently and steadily. 

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