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FPBS Laser safety protection device dedicated to bending machine

FPBS Laser safety protection device dedicated to bending machine  ►

FPBS is jointly developed by Nanjing ESTUN and Germany FIESSLER Company. It is a professional safety protection device specific to Chinese safety standards for bending machine. Twenty-year experience of ESTUN in forging industry and professional development guarantee the applicability of FPBS.Germanymanufacturer guarantees the excellent quality of FPBS. FPBS can be installed on bending machine easily with the help of special installation support to protect the front part of bending machine and operator and prevent accident.

Major characteristics

■ Double-beam laser safety detection
■ Dual redundant safe output
■ Folded box mode
■ Safe speed monitoring
■ 1.5ms high-speed response
■ State and signal indicate
■ Input monitoring of safety point

Major data

Electric parameters


Working voltage

24V DC, +/-20%

Maximum working current

0.5A at most

Protection level


Electric connection

Emitter: rapid plug

Receiver: rapid plug


OSSD 1nad OSSD2; fault safety protection transistor;0.5Aat most; one circuit breaker and one leakage current monitor.

FA: transistor output,0.5Aat most


FP. S1. S2: 10mA

BB: 25mA

Response time

1.5ms, after beam is occluded and before OSSDs signal is cut off

10ms, after pedal is released or protective circuit is switched on and before OSSDs output is shut down

Environmental parameters


Working environment temperature

0 to50

Storage environment temperature

-25 to70

SAFE100 Safety control module 

 Safety  functions

• Redundant loop, dual CPU control

• Connection fault detection
• Input fault detection Detect the fault of input channel via    detecting impulse signal
• Output fault detection
• Backup and detection of key data


SAFE100 safety module is a special safety module developed subject to CE safety product standards. It has complete self-diagnosis function and input/output loops and CPU are dualredundant-structured so the safety function would not fail when single loop  breaks down. It has impulse detection power so it can detect circuit fault automatically and indicate output state.



Signal port

Signal mode

Action mode

Instant stop monitoring

IN1, IN2


Oil pump stops and machine tool stops running.

Side door monitoring

IN3, IN4


Slider can descend slowly (<20mm/S)

Back door monitoring

IN07, IN08


Oil pump stops and machine tool stops running.

Pedal monitoring

IN13, IN14


Pedals in three position. Pedal on upper position stops, pedal on middle position works and pedal on lower position stops.

Mode monitoring

IN17, IN18


Single mode, slider working normally; adjustment mode, slider slowing down in the whole course.

Detection mode

IN15, IN16, IN19


Signal accesses and machine tool enters continuous detection mode.

Safe output

O1, O2

Dual redundant output

Instant stop and back door protection are triggered and output stops.

Technical specification

■ Power port: 24V, 0V (system)24VO, 0VO (IO port), FG (shell grounded)
■ Safety input: I01-I20 (20mA)
■ Detection output: T1-T4 (PNP 0.5A)
■ Assistant output: OA (PNP 0.5A)
■ Safe output of transistor: O1-O4 (PNP 2A)
■ Safe output of relay: R1A, R1B; R2A, R2B (capacity: 24VDC/3A; 220VAC/3A)
■ Extension port: CO+, CO-, CI+, CI- (reserved)
■ CAN interface: CN3 (reserved)

■ RS232 interface: CN6

FPBS Special installation support 


Product characteristics
• High repeated precision
• Convenient debugging
• Self-locking function of limiter in vertical direction
• No squeezing risk when out of control
• Arrow mark function of different moulds
• Function of shock absorber of integrated emitter
• High-quality structure composed of Al stainless steel 

Other optional products 

Fiessler photoelectric safety protection device for AKAS series bending machine  


AKAS® photoelectric safety protection device released by Germany Fiessler Company for bending machine can regulate emitter and receiver AKAS® series automatically subject to different requirements of users. They also released LC series without automatic regulation function; F series with integrated bending machine PLC and M series without integration.

Function characteristics:

■ Improve production efficiency in the largest safe scope
■ Automatic adjustment after mould is changed
■ 2ms high-speed response
■ Automatic measurement to control safe speed
 Support bending safety protection for box workpieces

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