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Electric control solution to full-electric turret punching machine

Electric control solution to full-electric turret punching machine ►

Electric control solution to ESTUN full-electric turret punching machine is a new generation of solution custom-made for OEM manufacturers of sheet mental processing machine tool. The solution contains five parts, namely upper computer, feed servo, punching servo system, puncher pin mechanical structure and electric control cabinet, which cover the whole electrical control structure of punching machine. All the customers have to do is to produce mechanical structure, which can produce a new generation of energy-saving servo turret punching machine with rich function, excellent performance with the help of our solution.

The specific structure of the scheme contains:
■  Up computer system_(FAGOR 8055i CNC)
■  Punching servo system_(EHD+EMT2) feed drive system_(ProNet),
■  Mechanical structure of plunger chip_(crank punch box),
■  Electric control cabinet

A.Up computer CNC system_ FAGOR8055I CNC

FAGOR 8055I numerical control system is a middle-and-top-grade numerical control system launched in 2002 by Spanish Fagor Company. Adopt a high integrated structure of CPU unit, display panel and operating keyboard. The highest resolution is 0.1μwith maximum speed of 200M/min.

The system has the following characteristics:

■  High-speed processing
The advanced algorithm used by 8055CNC to adapt to high-speed machining allows the machining procedure to produce accurate tool path at the time of operation. By virtue of powerful operational capability with up to 200 segments of program pre-reading buffer and high-speed program segment processing (up to 1ms), it can machine workpiece with extreme accuracy. Machine tool with poor rigidity may produce vibration at the time of high-speed machining and frequent commutation. Jerk control function has been provided for the problem, which enable acceleration to change smoothly and gradually to prevent machine tool vibration caused by sudden change of speed. The advanced function has reduced the load for machine as well as vibration to have higher feed rate and achieve better finish machining.

■  ISO code programming/graphic interactive programming

ISO code programming is used for large batch occasion where programs need to be optimized to shorten cycle time. Graphic interactive programming is used for small batch processing. This kind of intuitive programming method is specially designed for the workshops regarding programming and debugging time as important consideration indicators. This kind of session not only simplifies programming but also provides a safe working mode. ISO programming shall take all kinds of motion into consideration, including idle travel, processing travel, cutting tool, axial feed rate, and speed of main shaft, all of which increase the possibility of personal injury and machine tool damage accidents due to programming errors.session programming method of 8055CNC takes the above factors into consideration automatically to help prevent error and reduce risk.

B. Punching servo system- EHD drive+EMT2 motor

High-torque heavy-load AC servo system is 

applicable for tonnage torrent punching machine to configure different specifications of high-torque heavy-load AC servo system, tonnage torrent punching machine to configure different scales of high-torque heavy-load AC servo system and tonnage turret punching machine, meeting the common 20-ton and 30-ton machine type requirements of current  punching machine manufacturers.

Characteristics of EHD servo drive

Characteristics of EMT2 motor

Switching frequency of 8Khz and frequency response of 16Khz

Low speed and high torque with 3 overload multiples

3 overload multiples with overpressure and over-current protection

Revolver feedback with high vibration resistance coefficient

Imported IGBT module with built-in 10kuf capacitance

Water cooling with waterproof grade IP65

Built-in special control software for servo punching machine

Rated speed 500RPM and maximum speed 600rpm

Support multiple communication protocols

Built-in thermistor for thermal protection

■  System performance test:

Motor is the energy transfer element with real-time balance between energy consumption and power. Different from hydraulic pressure station, motor has extremely low power in static condition with motor efficiency more than 95%. Direct drive structure almost has no energy loss. Drive has internal capacitance which recycles energy at the time of braking.

C. Feed shaft servo system- ProNet Digital AC servo drive

D. Mechanical structure of plunger chip


Mechanical structure of plunger chipadopts the mechanical structure of single motor +crank connecting rod which has the following advantages:

■  Mature and reliable structure for easy installation and maintenance

■  No mechanical gap with low noise and high accuracy

■  No retarding mechanism with high transmission efficiency

■  Provide motion function

■  Use with low-speed high-torque motor

Maintenance &Service

Service life

More than 720,000,000 times

Maintenance oil

46# anti-wear hydraulic oil

Maintenance cycle

One year for oil and four years for oil seal

Tonnage limit (20T)

22 tons

Tonnage limit (30T)

31 tons

Overall weight (20T)


Overall weight\ (30T)


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