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Total Solution for multi-line cutting machine

Total Solution for multi-line cutting machine 

With the rapid development of piezoelectricity, photovoltaic industry and integrate circuit industry, the market demand for quartz plate and silicon slice gradully increases, the multi-line cutting machine gradully replaces the old cutting machine by the features of high precision, high efficiency and low loss and becomes the main cutting and processing method for silicon rod and crystal rod. The principle of multi-line cutting machine is that the steel wire drives the attached abrasive for reciprocating motion of high speed to grind the workpiece with a view to cutting workpiece with high efficiency; one processing can cutting multple slices and reach a certain thinness. The multi-line cutting technology can be used in cutting crisp and hard materials such as silicon ingot. In addition, it can also be used in cutting the materials hard to be cut.

* Main technical indexes

1. Maximum dimension of the processed workpiece; 

2 discharging method; 

3. number of main shafts for walking method of steel wire;

4. Cutting driven-by-wire tension system; 

5. Maximum speed of steel wire;

6. Diameter of wire pulley;

7. Line storage capacity of steel wire;

* Structure of multi-line cutting machine:

1. Synchronous speed control of main shaft, unwinding shaft and winding shaft;
2. Cable axle is for position control and the control line is long;
3. The tension swinging rod is for torque control and the tension of tangent shall be adjusted  according to different processing materials and requirements.

* The system structure for multi-line cutting machine scheme

*Features for complete solutions to multi-line cutting machine 

1. Friendly operation environment, simple operation and convenient maintenance;

2. Based on motion control system of servo motor for CANOPEN/ETHCAT bus, 20-bit high-precision encoder, precise control, rapid response and stable work;

3. Auto-induction of cable and stable tracking;

4. Multi-shaft synchronous servo control technology, the flexible servo control system for unreeling, winding, cable, rotation of main shaft and tension of cutting line, automatic maintaining and releasing tension function to prevent unexpected line break caused by sudden loss of power;

5. Set the maximum wiring speed, speeding up/slowing down wiring time, constant wiring time, swinging angle and speed, mobile speed of workbench, etc.;

6. Abundant peripheral interfaces can meet the requirements in different application situations;

7. High cost performance and competitiveness of the product.   

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