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Total Solution for die-cutter

Total Solution for die-cutter ►

Circular knife cutter is one type of die-cutter and is also called rotary machine, rotary die-cutter, hobbing cutter, etc. The cutting die used is made of solid mental cylinder and the name is used to differentiate from the flat knife die. The die-cutting process is conducted by the circular knife cutter in a continuous and rotary way by the circular knife and it is one of the devices with the highest efficiency in die-cutters. The die-cutting is realized through material extrusion by knife blade and pad roller which is a hard cylinder shaft with smooth surface. The die-cutting products are widely used in the fields such as mobile phone, computer, liquid crystal display, digital camera, and LCD backlight.

Technological requirements of circular knife cutter:

System configuration for solutions of circular knife cutter

Scheme features:

■ The fast and real-time Ethercat site bus is of rapid speed and high real-time performance and can satisfy the synchronous precision of position and speed for single shaft of knife holder.

■  The motion controller NG35 is adopted to control the 15 shafts through high speed bus and Estun high-end PRONET bus (EtherCAT) is adopted for the servo system; the servo driver is of the characteristics of low inertia and high response.

■ The automatic algorithm for winding diameter is adopted; the winding and unwinding output torque is automatically adjusted according to the winding diameter to ensure constant tension of material and then the precision of synchronous cutting.

■ The controller is of rapid break function. The code tracking die-cutting can be conducted for prints with inaccurate leap of customers according to the color code.

■ The asynchronous sticking can be conducted for product of different sizes.

■ The programming software VTB of controller is flexible and can freely realize the functions of control algorithm and free development.  

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