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Total Solution for polishing machine

Total Solution for polishing machine ►

The polishing machine can be used in polishing of various materials in many industries and is mainly used in surface polishing of workpiece with different materials to make the workpiece be of certain levelness and smoothness. The cutters of polishing machine can be divided into grinding wheel, linen wheel, cloth wheel, nylon wheel, abrasive belt wheel, etc. according to the different materials and are widely used in various metal and non-metal surface polishing, such as: the grinding and polishing of components - faucet, stainless steel kettle, mobile phone shell, mobile phone cameras, etc. As the development of polishing industry, the CNC system is gradually introduced into the polishing machine industry; because the CNC system is of strong function, it can adapt to the complicated working conditions; at present, it is universally applied in the industries of mobile phone shell and metal polishing, so the market prospect is very bright.

System overview

The cloth wheel or rubber wheel is generally adopted for cutters of CNC polishing machine and they can be easily worn which can result in reduction of polishing precision after long-term use; the CNC polishing machine system can automatically adjust the compensation value according to the detected change of servo torque to ensure the polishing precision. The G code can be generated through teaching or imported through vector diagram which shall be automatically converted to G code by the system. The solution of high performance motion controller NG35 + teaching box + Pronet servo is adopted for the system and Modbus TCP is adopted for communication between man-machine interface and controller with stability and high efficiency; EtherCAT is adopted for communication between driver and controller and the system configuration is shown in the following figure:

Scheme features

■ Because the man-machine interface is simple and easy to be operated, so the customers can easily grasp the instructions; the teaching programming and graphic file converted to G code are supported, so the application is very convenient.

■ The fast and real-time EtherCAT communication bus is of high communication speed and real-time performance which can satisfy the polishing requirement of complicated workpiece.

■ The fast Modbus TCP communication protocol is adopted for man-machine interface and controller to respond to the instruction operation more quickly. The system can process large amount of G code data per second, so the efficiency to implement straight line approximation graphics can be higher and the motion can be smoother. The system is of pre-compiling function and the G code program processed per second can reach 500 lines/second.

■ For AFC (adaptive speed control), the system is of automatic speed regulation function and under different processing conditions, the system will automatically adjust the processing speed according to different processing radians.

■ 3D graphic graphic preview function can make the user conveniently preview the accuracy of G code.

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