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Total Solution for packaging and printing machines

Total Solution for packaging and printing machines  

ESTUN customizes advanced and applicable control technique scheme and system solution composed of man-machine interface, servo and multiple intelligent controllers to bring you the expected speed, precision, flexibility and reliability and dramatically improve operation efficiency of packaging machines. As precise control component of material measurement and fixed length cutting, ESTUN AC servo system replaces screw measurement and crank-guide rod scheme with high-precision and high-response motion control technology on filling machine and bag-making machine. Meanwhile, servo motor equipped with rotary transformer and encoder can better adapt to high rotating speed of high-speed machine and application in violent vibrating occasions. ESTUN AC servo system is subject to the latest high-speed digital signal processor DSP and meets the control requirement of high-speed and high-precision servo. Meanwhile, it has the functions of synchronous flying shearing, high-speed synchronous axis modification by color coding and online modification of electronic gear so pillow-type packaging machine, automatic bag-making machine and splitter can be applied more easily. Combine feed forward control and instruction smoothing technology of servo compensation delay. It has better dynamic tracking and stability than traditional PI control and can better meet the application requirement for high-speed packaging technology.

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