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Total Solution for textile machine

Total Solution for textile machine 

ESTUN customizes advanced and applicable technical control scheme and system solution composed of man-machine interface, servo and multiple intelligent controllers and brings the speed, precision, flexibility and reliability as you expected to improve operation efficiency of textile machinery and equipment dramatically. Automatic control scheme of ESTUN textile machine meets synchronous transmission technology of new flyer frame driven by 4 shafts independently and sizing machine driven by 7 shafts independently. It can precisely control technological parameters such as elongation and revolving tension and create favorable conditions for the subsequent procedure to improve the weaving efficiency of shuttle-free loom. Meanwhile, active-disturbance-rejection control and inertia identification technology make application of weaving equipment easier. ESTUN AC servo system can precisely control let-off signal and crimp signal. High-precision and rapid-response motion control technology replaces mechanical let-off and mechanical crimp in the let-off and crimp link of shuttle-free looms (jet loom, sword-handle loom, water-spraying loom and projectile loom) and  warp knitting machine; meanwhile servo motor that matches rotating transformer encoder can be better applicable to the fiercely shaking application site.

ESTUN AC servo system provides RS485 and CAN communication ports and supports MODBUS communication and CANopen communication protocol. Expansions of Profitbus-DP and Ethercat communication modules can meet application requirements for on-site bus technology of textile machine and equipment.

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