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Total Solution for spray painting machine

Total Solution for spray painting machine ►

ESTUN digital AC servo system includes EDB series, EDC series of PRONET series. It has been applied in many industrial control fields successfully. Meanwhile, it is equipped with FlexPac, FlexCon and other intelligent controllers. With the help of ESTUN exclusive HMI products, we can provide multiple complete solutions for you.

ESTUN AC servo is applied to different kinds of spray painting and spray printing equipment. ESTUN servo is featured with advanced control algorithm, a large number of smooth operation parameter, shaking-inhibiting ability and wide scope of rigidity regulation; the motor is composed of imported bearings and oil seals. It passed strict dynamic test before delivered out from the factory so small noise of operation and successful application of its performance in spray painting machine industry are guaranteed.

ESTUN AC servo drive uses advanced digital signal processor, active-disturbance-rejection control and speed observation control algorithms. It can truly realize fast response, high precision, rapid speed and high reliability of servo with the help of feed forward control of compensation servo delay and instruction smoothing technology; automatic inertia identification facilitates the adjustment.

As profession motor design software and electromagnetic field simulation software of American ANSOFT Company are applied, new series of AC servo motor has very small cogging torque ripple and more precise motor positioning and better low-speed performance. Temperature rise of motor has dropped about20.

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