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Total Solution for Take-Out ROBOT

Total Solution for Take-Out ROBOT ►

System requirements:

Manipulator of injection molding machine is the fetching manipulator of injection molding machine. Its major function is to replace manual work to fetch the finished product and waste of injection molding machine. It can be divided into single-shaft manipulator, three-shaft manipulator and five-shaft manipulator subject to number of servo drive shaft.

Features of application of servo drive in manipulator of injection molding machine include:

■  Small power—main current 400w drive;

■  Big inertia—big load inertia;

■  High-speed operation—4000rpm at most;

■  Fast start—rapid acceleration and deceleration;

■  Band-type brake—above and below main/assistant arm.

Control system of manipulator of injection molding machine shall meet the following requirements:

■  Precise action timing;

■  Action cycle less than 6s;

■  Side positioning precision of machine less than0.1mm;

■  Small mechanical vibration and steady operation;

■  Stable and reliable system;

System scheme:

System components include handheld unit, technology PLC, EMAC customized module and Pronet servo system. Major functions of components include:

■ Handheld unit: man-machine interface, information input and output;

■ Technology PLC: control unit, ES485 master station; send technological action instruction; manage entire control system;

■ EMAC: RS485 slave station and receive action instruction from upper computer’ CANopen master station, control action of drive; manage action control subsystem;

■ Pronet servo system: CANopen slave station, execution unit.

Scheme features:
■ Software and hardware customization based on EMAC platform
■ 3 axis or 5 axis
■ Dedicated to motion control of manipulator of injection molding machine
■ Cost effective
■ Total bus control to simplify wiring and improve reliability
■ Realize function of motor motion control with help of technology PLC
■ Excellent performances of molding cycle and mechanical vibration
■ Economical hardware configuration
   Handheld unit
   Technology PLC
   EMAC motion control module
   Distributed IO mode
   Pronet AC servo system

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