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Intelligent production line of household appliance industry

Household appliance industry ►

■ An intelligent production line integrating machinery, electric braking, industrial robots and information processing, including metal plate stamping, bending, riveting and welding production line; assembly production line; packing, stacking and transporting production line etc.

■ It is capable of conducting custom manufacturing based on different product processes, designing many non-standard modules for several combinations, automatically arranging production based on production orders and transferring relevant information to each production process as well as all distributors and logistic provider, thus saving enterprise cost and increasing production efficiency. 
■ The exquisite non-standard structure makes the performance of the intelligent production line more stable and reliable, as well as with longer service life and lower noises;
■ RFID chip makes it possible to identify status and rapidly switch from one model to another, thus truly realizing flexible production; 
■  Interconnect MES, ERP and PDM systems to fulfill customer exchange customization;

■ Module design is adopted on each work position of the entire line, making maintenance and replacement more convenient.

→Assembly line of outer cylinder of washing machine

1. High flexibility, adapting to multi-type and small-batch custom demand of customers;
2. Fast production pattern; automatic locating and precise switching of tooling are achieved; product quality can be guaranteed;
3. The layout of the entire line is reasonable; the rigidity of non-standard structure is good; and the performance is reliable and stable.
4. Highly-intelligentized and being capable of achieving 3D vision intelligence recognition inspection, intelligently adjusting parameter procedure of equipment, and conducting remote diagnosis and monitoring; 

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