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Intelligent production line of elevator industry

Elevator industry ►

■ An intelligent production line integrating mechanical processing, electrical control and information processing, including pallet feeding and blanking, punching, bending, gluing, spot welding, material inspection, stacking after blanking and spraying by hanging etc.
■ The unique non-standard structure enables the production line to reliably run without human watching, to automatically diagnose its faults and to provide instant solutions to such faults. In this way, faults can be rapidly found and removed without professional staff, thus shortening equipment maintenance time and improving the “operation rate” of system equipment;
■ Provide maintenance and service forewarning and hint functions: the system can accurately give corresponding maintenance and service plan to direct the user to rapidly complete system maintenance based on the workload and work time of the equipment, thus ensuring normal operation of the equipment and extending the service life of the equipment;

■ The control system is equipped with reserved functions for ERP, MES and APS interfaces to realize an unmanned factory for the enterprise.

→Intelligeent welding of elevator door


1. The whole production line is of reasonable layout, unique non-standard structure, good rigidity, low noise, long life and fast production pattern;
2. The flexibility level is high. It can automatically identify materials and thickness, which makes it suitable for small batch production of various types of door planks;
3. Intelligent laser welding ensures that the welding of mirror stainless steel surface is spotless and nice, and can be adapted to production of high-end elevator doors.

Typical cases

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