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Electro-hydraulic Hybrid Servo Pump System

Electro-hydraulic Hybrid Servo Pump System 

ESTUN servo pump system realizes speed and pressure double closed loop control by AC servo drive and permanent magnet synchronic servo motor driving internal gear pump. The output flow rate is determined by servo motor speed and ration internal gear pump’s output volume. The system pressure is real-time measured by another pressure sensor.

Compared with constant rate pump or variable pump, it can obviously reduce the electric power charge, save cooling water and reduce the heat created by wasted power.

■ 【High Effectiveness】High quality Rexroth internal gear pump PGH is specially designed for injection machine,die-casting machine and relevant electro-hybrid realms applications. High speed permanent synchronization motor is used to increase pump fl ow rate and running speed of whole machine. Low release, low noise and high effectiveness are guaranteed.

■ 【High Dynamic Performance】ESTUN ProNet series AC servo system is applied to offer high overload capacity. System response time is 13ms or faster.

■ 【High Precision】BD high precision pressure sensor HM18 is adapted to inspect system pressure. Resolver is selected as feedback component of servo motor. The servo pump system's inspection precision to pressure reference and feedback can reach 12 bits, pressure surge is lower than ±0.5bar and the inspection precision to resolver can reach 65536 P/R. The system control cycle can reach 0.1ms, which can match the request of high precision production.

ESTUN has concentrated on R&D of AC servo system for many years. ESTUN has owned many AC servo system key technologies. The power range of servo system for injection machine, die-casting machine and relevant electro-hybrid realms applications is from 11kW to 35kW so that it can be used in most applications. The company can also customize and develop for clients to match the special request of different clients.
ESTUN has many years of experience in R&D of hydraulic pressure relevant products, a professional team by many experienced engineers and senior consultants. They can offer total solution according to the request of different clients.

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