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4-5 shafts swinging-arm manipulator ►

Configuration for control system of single manipulator

Teaching programming device for special swinging-arm manipulator:

ESMotion motion controller:

Multi-split servo driver:

Control function features for single manipulator:

■ Whole five-shaft interpolation to ensure the consistence and beauty of action

■ Foolproof teaching programming: teaching by multi-point positioning and dragging 

Teaching point of standard path

Control function features of single manipulator:

■ The tooling walks in the straight line and circumvent the barrier

■ Elevation difference of mould, high feeding and low discharging and curve transition 

■ Three debugging modes (five-shaft linkage):

Multi-point destacking and stacking functions:

Function comparison of common control systems


Setting point position

Multiple point teaching,


Only point to point and stiff motion

Arc interpolation and gentle motion





Self-developed program is required

Complete program is available

Maintenance and upgrading

Self upgrading

ESTUN upgrading

Quality assurance measures:

■ All passes the nationalEMSelectromagnetic compatibility test and European CE and American UL product certification

■ 60% manipulator customers are trying and using our products

Our service advantages:

■ Include complete solutions to professional software engineering

■ Help you realize the online debugging of the first line

■ Free and continued program upgrading service

■ We own many overseas service authorities  

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