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Application in 3C electronics industry

Application of SCARA in 3C feeding and discharging industry 

The characteristics of SCARA robot are fast speed, high precision and high flexibility which are favored by most customers. It reduces the pressure for workers to repeat work, and improves the production efficiency and product qualification ratio.

It is generally applied in workshop of consumer electronics, the processing of light and small parts and assembly of standardized products. In intelligentized production, the application of SCARA coordinating with vision enlarges the application scope of robot; it is also widely applied in accurate positioning of products, waste sorting and test. Grabbing small motor frees workers from repeat work; it determines the direction and the front side and reverse side of products through vision, and robot completes the stacking of products by carrying out movements.

Application of SCARA robot in plug-in of components ►

Plug-in is an application with high demand in the industry in recent years; with the overcoming in technique, we Estun SCARA robot can basically complete more than 70% of plug-in in non-standard components on circuit board through flexible assembly system by using robot, controller, end effector and sensing system, thus reducing the production line of customer, improving the production efficiency, and avoiding the outflow of unqualified products and lowering the manufacture cost for customer through back-end vision test.

Battery board transport of SCARA  ►

High precision faying requirement of customer is met by collocation of robot and vision. Workers are able to be away from high-temperature and burning association region, and working security coefficient is improved. Coordinating with the join of the fifth axis of robot, robot can possess a broader working region. This application fully displays the great advantages of Estun in robot field, makes the seamless connection between the fifth axis of servo drive and robot of Estun possible, and increases cost performance and convenience for customers.

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