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Estun Automation (listed in Shenzhen, code 002747) was established in 1993,from the first day of its founded, the company has taken the Open,Innovation,Striving,Growing,Together as the foundation of the company’s development spirit, keep walking towards path of the Independent research and development of core technology,it lays a solid foundation for the company to realize global and become an respected international company.
With almost 30 years of all Estun people hard works, benefit by the company insist on building up the automation full supply chain, with a long-term R&D investment of about 10% of annual revenue, and the strong support of the global resource platform built by international development, the company has successfully cultivated three core businesses:
□ Industrial automation series products
□ Industrial robot series products
□ Industrial digital series products

As the earliest self research and design AC servo system company in China,industrial automation series products range from full series AC servo system,inverter,PLC,HMI, and visual products to motion control system ,and motion control with robot intelligent unit products which takes Trio control system as core,offering automation solutions for customers from single axis-single machine-single unit.
Industrial robot production line growing super rapidly with the support of company self-owned core components, the product has formed a complete series of more than 54 specifications, mainly six-axis robots, with a load range of 3kg-600kg, and has leading customers in new energy, welding, metal processing, 3C electronics, construction machinery, aerospace and other sub-industries and larger market share. In 2020, it was named by Forbes as "the only industrial robot company on Forbes China's Most Innovative Enterprise List in 2020".
In 2021, the company will fully enter the field of industrial intelligence and digital manufacturing, relying on the basis of controlling the advantages of data entry of automation equipment, through Estun's unified cloud platform and unified OPCUA communication protocol, to provide customers with automation equipment remote access platform, as well as various digital value-added services, including equipment data collection and edge computing, operation status monitoring, process quality monitoring, production efficiency improvement, material consumption control and other digital management services.
Becoming an international Chinese enterprise is the core development strategy of Estun. In addition to domestic subsidiaries in Hubei, Guangdong, Shanghai, etc., the company also has wholly-owned or holding overseas companies, including British Trio, German Cloos, German M.A.i. Company, the Italian R&D Center and the equity participation of Barrett and other companies in the United States, etc., take up the leading international competitive position in motion control solutions, welding robots and rehabilitation robots, laying a solid foundation for the company to fully implement its international development strategy.
In the future, Estun will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of creating value for customers and helping customers grow, focusing on subdivided industry solutions and featured products, focusing on and serving outstanding customers in the industry, and making full use of the company's motion control + robot synergy advantages, To provide the industry with more competitive automation integration solutions, and to embark on a development path with Estun's characteristics.

Taking "everyone enjoys automation" as the company mission, and realizing the social value of "making life better"! For a better life!

For a better life!
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