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Estun has been adhering to the strategy of ALL Made by ESTUN, insisting on system-level positive research and development, and the autonomy rate of core components of robots has reached more than 95%. It has a full range of 76 industrial robot products covering 3-700kg loads. In the Chinese market, Estun robot shipments have been ranked first among domestic brands for many years.

Product design

ESUTN Universal Offline Programming Tool for Robots

ESTUN Autolist Sheet Metal Workstation Digitizing Solution

Trio Controller Emulation Programming Tool Motion Control One-Stop Automation Application Software Solution

E-PMT Project Management Transparency App

ESTUN MAINTENANCE ELF App Intelligent Edge Computing Gateway

Digital Robotic Welding Workstation APP Intelligent welding and online quality evaluation solutions

Digital Robotic Bending Workstation APP Digital Visual Bending Solutions

Equipment Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance APP Digital Robot Fault Monitoring Solution

E-PCS Production Line Process Control APP Lightweight Production Process Execution System

Remote Maintenance App Remote maintenance without on-site

Data Statistics and Analysis APP Equipment Performance Management System

Digital Twin APP Intelligent Workshop Management System

Project management

Production and operation maintenance


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