E-PCS Production Line Process Control APP

Lightweight Production Process Execution System

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E-PCS Production Line Process Control APP

Lightweight Production Process Execution System

Product Description

Field operation data is mainly recorded manually, and there are data-islands such as in-process quantity, output, defective products, fault records, etc. The data utilization value is not high, and the transparency of operation management is low. ESTUN E-PCS Production Line Process Control APP through the control system network port, PLC bus, sensors and other types of channels, to realize the collection of equipment operating status and parameters, background data statistical analysis function can generate site beat statistics, defective product statistics, real-time production capacity statistics, the number of work-in-progress statistics and other types of reports, to provide decision-making basis for the factory operation, through the background data statistical analysis function, the production line, workshop, base and other data islands, such as in-process quantity, yield, fault records. Through the background data statistical analysis function, the data of production line, workshop and base level can be unified management, analysis and display, which can satisfy the operation management demand of different divisions and realize real-time operation KPI management and analysis.

Core Functions


Data Connectivity:

Through the E-PCS system, it establishes a data bridge between production line equipment and the upper system, interfaces with upstream ERP and MES to obtain production data, and interfaces with WMS and AGV to schedule material distribution.


Data Acquisition:

Unified equipment data collection and program distribution interface can automatically record the production process data, to ensure the accuracy of the data, to improve production efficiency and quality to provide basic data support.


Production Control:

Equipped with production control functions such as automatic call for materials, work order execution, process interlocking, safety light management, etc., realizing the whole process of digital production on production line and improving production efficiency.


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