ESTUN Autolist Sheet Metal Workstation Digitizing Solution

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ESTUN Autolist Sheet Metal Workstation Digitizing Solution

Software Functions

Autolist is a complete offline programming solution tailored for the sheet metal industry, designed with a modular and user-friendly concept to significantly improve the programming efficiency of the robot. The programming environment provides a concise and clear writing logic with command prompts and supplemental functions, allowing users to quickly program without having to memorize all the robot's command formats, and to perform file comparisons when uploading/downloading to reduce non-essential read/write operations. In the setup interface, you can set up common modules such as collision detection, vibration suppression, network connection, etc., which shortens the debugging time of users.

Software Advantages

The processing parameters for each bending step are automatically calculated from the imported or drawn sheet metal workpiece graphics and the manual process sequencing. Offline programming of the bending robot's trajectory according to the processing parameters. The points and poses generated by the trajectory programming are converted into a controller command table, and an editing and compilation environment is provided to generate a final project file that can be recognized by the robot controller.

Core Functions

One-key programming: 

1:1 3D modeling based on the physical size and position of the workstation, WYSIWYG, the offline generated program and the robot's actual running program is highly consistent, one-key programming has become a reality, multi-species and small batch robot bending is no longer a problem.


Simple operation:

Parameter programming, graphic import, DELEM program import, three programming methods, the operation is simple and easy to learn, there is no requirement for the user's academic qualifications, ordinary operators can quickly master.


No additional time cost: 

Technicians can carry out efficient offline programming for subsequent products to be produced without occupying the robot, and it supports background program import, as well as automatic generation of DELEM system programs, which significantly reduces the time of occupying the equipment.


Manual Intervention:

The only support for manual intervention of the robot trajectory. Offline generated program, the computer can be adjusted and optimized, especially complex products, manual computer optimization, greatly reducing the time of fine-tuning the scene.


Process compatibility:

Software support for right-angle bending, rounded corner bending, flip-flop transposition, press the dead edge of most of the current market plate bending process, to meet the customer's normal use of the requirements.


Collision detection:

Simulation run if there is a collision, it will be timely through the color change to show that can be modified at any time to avoid ensuring that the generated program is perfectly available. At the same time, greatly reduces the losses caused by collisions.


Industry Customization:

According to different industries, the offline software is customized for different industries, so that the software can be more suitable for different industries.

Remote Service: 

The software can be customized according to different industries.

Through ESTUN's remote cloud service system, we can remotely deal with customer's offline software problems and solve customer's problems at the first time.


Free Upgrade:

ESTUN promises to give customers free remote upgrades in time for subsequent software version updates, so that customers can have the latest and best experience.


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