Digital Robotic Bending Workstation APP

Digital Visual Bending Solutions

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Digital Robot Bending Workstation APP

Digital Visual Bending Solution

Product Briefing

ESTUN's Digital Robot Bending Workstation APP provides the most convenient solution for enterprise digital visualization of bending, which can be seamlessly connected to the factory MES system to realize digital management functions such as work order management, production execution, equipment acquisition and monitoring, program maintenance, etc., and provides a high-precision digital twin model for full-cycle management and operation of bending production. We always aim to "make automation more convenient", and continuously optimize and improve the bending process to bring lower cost and higher productivity.

Digital Bending Systems


Work-order Management:

Automatic synchronization of work orders, manual creation of work orders.

Support work order multi-dimensional flexible search query.

Support the cancellation of work order tasks, and report to the factory MES.


Production Execution:

Work order start, interruption and report.

Work order execution timing, piecework, operation records.


Equipment Management:

Equipment status monitoring/collection, reporting to factory MES.

Fault alarm monitoring/collection, reporting to factory MES.


Equipment Management:

Maintenance of the relationship between the bending program and the product.

Bending programs are automatically sent to the robot for production.

Digital Twin Technology


Millisecond data acquisition

Data-driven modelling

3D digital model real-time dynamic simulation, clear and intuitive

Can play back any time period of equipment operation, including operating attitude, internal operating parameters.

Reproduce the problem and restore the scene to help better analyze and solve the problem.

Data acquisition, comprehensive analysis and visual presentation from the outside in


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