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The complete solution for the digital management of integrated production line delivery

Software Functions

Integration and delivery of production line is a very complicated systematic project, the transparency of off-site commissioning process is low, if you only rely on manpower on-site supervision, it is difficult to track the progress of the project in real time, and it is difficult to control the risk of delay. How to achieve faster off-site work coordination, more accurate control of manpower and material resources consumption, how to achieve cost reduction and increase efficiency, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises? This is the problem that enterprises are facing and must be solved.


ESTUN E-PMT production line integrated delivery digital management complete solution, through the project management transparency system, according to the project process section real-time feedback installation and commissioning progress, work order status, safety light problems and processing, and open access to customers, sharing project delivery progress related information, through high-definition monitoring screen, grasp the project installation and commissioning scene, to achieve remote at the same time, key node reminders and risk warning push, automatic statistics of manpower hours, accurate accounting of manpower costs, traceability of key parts and materials information, abnormal quality of lamps and processing progress tracking, so that the production line problem analysis is traceable. Convenient off-site collaborative processing functions, making the production line project management more convenient and intelligent, the project implementation process more relaxed and transparent.


Software Advantages

Through the project management transparency system, real-time feedback on the progress of installation and commissioning, the status of work orders, and the problems and processing of lights through the high-definition monitoring screen, to grasp the installation and commissioning of the project in the workshop of Party B, to achieve remote monitoring.

Open access to customers to share information about project delivery progress.

Core Functions

Flexible Management tools:

Work order data, support interface to obtain, manual entry, Excel import multiple ways.

Lightweight system architecture design can be flexibly customized configuration of the functional parameters.

Modular design can be docked to the internal system of the factory.

Strong system scalability, rapid response to business adjustments.


Standardized Management:

PDA sweep code receipt, to ensure the accuracy of incoming materials.

Key material scanning code, to ensure the accuracy of the material used.

Key quality data, to achieve accurate quality control.

SOP operating instructions, to ensure that the production operation is standardized.


Timely and Transparent:

Real-time push of anomalies in the lamp, rapid resolution.

Work order progress real-time update, accurate control.

Consumption of working hours, classified summary, horizontal comparison.

Cost consumption, automatic calculation, threshold warning.



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