Intelligent Edge Computing Gateway

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Intelligent Edge Computing Gateway 

Product Description

MAINTENANCE ELF is a lightweight Linux-based industrial intelligent gateway that connects equipment and production systems in real time, providing stable and efficient data transmission and remote operation and maintenance services. Through precise and quantifiable equipment performance, it can objectively and accurately calculate the equipment input-output ratio, optimize processes, improve production efficiency, and provide data support for further equipment investment decisions. ESTUN edge computing platform, compatible with a variety of industrial protocols, combines intelligent algorithms and industry Know-How, as well as milliseconds of data interaction and computation, rapid response to equipment processing performance, early warning of equipment failure, remote data, and multimedia interaction. At the same time, MAINTENANCE ELF supports docking with MES system without complicated hardware and software support and multiple interface requirements, simplifying the hardware and software systems required for MES deployment, thus helping customers to reduce investment costs.

Production Process Management 

Online Quality Judgement:

Through the edge data acquisition gateway, real-time data collection, real-time monitoring of equipment processing quality, process quality judgement results uploaded to the cloud, the user can remotely view the quality judgement report, historical processing records.


Online Quality Inspection:

Based on the standard SPC statistical process control algorithm, real-time collection, and analysis of key process data, scientifically differentiate between random fluctuations and abnormal fluctuations in product process quality, provide early warning of abnormal trends in the production process, and dynamically adjust abnormal fluctuation elements.

Maintenance Process Management 

Early Warning Tips:

Based on in-depth research on various industries and extensive application in the whole industry, ESTUN has formed an exclusive industry experience database. Combined with the competitive advantages of the whole industrial chain of ESTUN, it can achieve 100% identification of robot faults and accurate positioning, with more specific and accurate alarm descriptions. This reduces the operation and maintenance risk and investment of customers.


Remote Service:

Support remote maintenance upgrade function.

Support remote command/task issuance.

Support remote VNC service, reducing the investment of equipment operation and maintenance personnel.


WeChat Repair:

Support the WeChat repair function, quickly solve product problems.

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