Digital Robotic Welding Workstation APP

Intelligent welding and online quality evaluation solutions

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Digital Robotic Welding Workstation APP

Intelligent welding and online quality assessment solutions

Product Description

Welding process lacks effective quality control means, often welding obvious problems can only be found, not real-time feedback to the person, at this time to counter-check the current and voltage, cannot reproduce the problem, the analysis is difficult. Before welding cannot be predicted and avoided in advance, after welding to increase the full inspection process, time-consuming and labor-intensive, the consumption of welding wire and other materials, cannot be automatically counted, equipment failure cannot be online monitoring and rapid recovery. ESTUN Digital Robotic Welding Workstation APP, the use of digital twin panoramic review of the problem scene, the use of SPC analysis, to achieve quality problems in advance warning, reduce the occurrence of welding quality, rapid analysis and resolution, improve product quality, while having an online warning function, equipment alarms reported instantly, improve the efficiency of fault resolution, reduce the failure of the downtime rate.

Digital Welding Solutions


Online Quality Evaluation:

Through the edge computing gateway, real-time acquisition of welding parameters; according to the welding quality evaluation model, real-time on each weld, numbering and quality evaluation.

Automatically generate welding quality report, which can be exported to PDF.

Inspection of low rated workpieces and cancellation of full inspection.

SPC Process Quality Consistency Analysis:

The use of SPC control algorithms, to achieve quality abnormalities in the early warning, and immediately issued a reminder; 

early detection of problems, and intervention to solve them, to avoid the emergence of defective products.

Equipment Management:

Welding wire, gas consumption data collection, statistics.

Equipment failure alarm real-time push, remote operation and maintenance.

Online Quality Evaluation

Quality Judgement Standardization

Manual Quality Control

Intelligent Quality Control

Save Labor and Time

Quality Prediction Digitization

Traditional Manual Inspection

Real-time Online Prediction

Accurate Material Saving


Module Function:

Through the edge data acquisition gateway, uninterrupted collection of real-time welding data, on the edge side, according to the welding quality evaluation model, the robot welding quality real-time monitoring, welding evaluation results will be uploaded to the MES/cloud, the user can remotely view the real-time welding trajectory, quality evaluation report, historical welding records etc.


Module Advantage:

A hundred years of welding experience, perfect welding quality evaluation model.

Millisecond data acquisition frequency.

Multi-platform and multi-dimensional cloud data query.


Module Benefits:

Mature welding quality model, assisting users to quickly improve welding quality; powerful platform data analysis function, can constantly optimize the user's welding process, improve welding efficiency and quality.


Online quality evaluation report 


Automatic generation of quality evaluation reports:

Evaluation reports are automatically generated after the welding task is completed.

The report contains basic information about the welding robot, overall compliance rate, total welding time, compliance time, overtime time, etc.; the report can be exported as a PDF file.


Automatic numbering and graphical display of weld seams:

Each weld seam generates a corresponding number and graphically displays the quality information of the weld seam.

The green part indicates that the welding parameters are within the compliance range, without the need for manual inspection again.

The red part indicates that the quality of the weld is out of specification and can be focused on during manual spot checks.


Welding process status change record:

When the welding parameters state changes, the system automatically generates a record of the current time point, welding state, and calculate the duration of the welding state.

According to the status record combined with the graphical weld seam, comprehensive analysis of the causes of quality anomalies, to optimize the welding parameters, to avoid subsequent reoccurrence of the anomaly.


SPC process quality consistency analysis:

Using SPC standard algorithms, early warning of possible welding quality anomalies, early detection of problems and intervention to solve them; the consistency of the welded workpiece, providing guaranteed data to avoid the production of large-scale defective products.


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