Remote Maintenance App

Remote maintenance without on-site

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Equipment Remote Operation and Maintenance APP

Remote troubleshooting, program downloads and version upgrades.

Product Description

In factory production, if the robot equipment malfunctions, the feedback and maintenance time is usually long, which affects the actual output of the production line. Equipment remote operation and maintenance APP can open remote operation and maintenance authority, through VNC, SSH and other remote means, connect to the robot controller, upgrade robot commands, maintenance robot failure, can achieve 7x24 hours operation and maintenance services, reduce the operation and maintenance time cost and personnel investment.

Remote Operation and Maintenance:

Technician account and authority management.

Multi-level control of equipment according to base/workshop/production line.

Remote robot program download, upload and backup.


Operating Instructions:

Login to E-Noesis Cloud Platform.

Find the equipment according to the base, workshop, serial number and other information.

When the robot is in standby, the system can allow remote operation.

Clicking the remote button will take you directly to the controller's interface.


Note: There is a risk in using the remote-control function, please inform the site personnel not to enter the work area when remote control;


Benefit Analysis:

Improve the efficiency of equipment problem solving.

Simplify robot program management operations and reduce time costs for equipment O&M personnel.


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