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Motion Control One-Stop Automation Application Software Solution

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Motion Perfect

Motion Control One-Stop Automation Application Software Solution

Software Features

Motion Perfect is a Windows PC-based integrated development environment for Trio Motion Controllers, HMI systems, 10 systems, and robotics applications, providing users with one-stop automation application development, debugging, simulation and other support. Provide users with: software integrated development environment, debugging assistant, configuration tools, virtual simulation environment, auxiliary tools, HMI development environment, software management and encryption protection.

Software Advantages

Complete all the necessary tasks in motion control engineering, including setup, programming, cam curve generation, etc. 3D visual simulation of motion control engineering, safe and high-speed optimization of equipment operation and debugging with the help of a rich interactive image of the cam library, to achieve efficient and labor-saving engineering design.

Core Functions

Development environment: 

support TriOBASI and IEC61131-3 language software development, for motion control software editing, compilation, debugging environment.


Virtual Simulation:

Supports servo axis motion simulation and debugging based on the user's equipment model, reducing the risk and loss of motion control design; Virtual Simulation: Support TriOBASI and IEC61131-3 language software development.

loss of motion control design; - Support the simulation and debugging of servo axes


Auxiliary tools

Electronic cam motion curve editing tools, can automatically generate motion control code for the user.

Oscilloscope function, support 2D, 3D and other data monitoring modes; -Motor tuning, help to help the motion control design

motor tuning, helping to obtain excellent end-of-axis control results.


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