Estun Automation won the 2021 China Motion Control Most Influential Brand Award!

On December 28th, The China Motion Control/Direct Drive Technology Industry Development Summit Forum and CMCD &CDDIA Annual Awards Ceremony were successfully held in Shenzhen. Estun Automation won the "2021 China Motion Control Most Influential Brand Award".
1647671340181228.jpgAs a leading brand of automation in China, Estun Automation has been deeply involved in the motion control industry for many years, and  motion control products 100% cover all industrial categories.

Estun automation:
China's first domestic self-owned servo system brand, deep ploughing servo system industry more than 20 years!
The first R&D EtherCAT Bus digital servo system brand in China!
Estun Automation has a 50W-200KW servo system to meet the needs of various application!
Estun Automation provides a variety of motion control solutions for lithium battery industry, photovoltaic industry, 3C electronic equipment industry, packaging equipment industry, robots, textile equipment, printing equipment, logistics equipment and other sub-industries.  


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