Estun Automation has signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Haitian Smart Solutions

On April 13th, Nanjing Estun Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Estun) and Ningbo Haitian Smart Solutions Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haitian Smart) formed a strong alliance to reach the strategic cooperation agreement. Mr. Kan Wu, General Manager of Estun, Mr. Bin Zhang, Chairman of Haitian Smart, and other leaders from both sides attended the signing ceremony.



As a leading global manufacturing multinational group, Haitian Group has built a complete industrial ecological chain, including the plastic machine industry, machine tool industry, metal forming industry, driving industry, intelligent manufacturing industry, and laser machinery industry. As a leading brand in the field of motion control in China and a leader in the Chinese industrial robotics industry, Estun maintains a long-term and deep cooperative relationship with Haitian Group in multiple dimensions and product lines.

The establishment of Haitian Smart relies on the deep manufacturing practice fundamental of Haitian Group. Based on a deep insight into industry needs, it provides manufacturing enterprises with intelligent manufacturing and information integrated solutions covering the entire production process. Rooted in manufacturing genes, Haitian Smart will adhere to the core concept of "Technology empowerment · Smart the future", using host devices as carriers and through open and shared industrial internet platforms, seamlessly connect and deeply integrate the industrial supporting services such as automated production lines, smart factory management systems, smart factory solutions, supply collaboration, and information units. Provide customized solutions with fast access and high cost-effectiveness for the informatization and intelligence of manufacturing enterprises and partners. Help customers improve quality and efficiency, upgrade industrial models, and jointly create a new paradigm for intelligent manufacturing factories. Haitian smart will deeply cultivate three major business sectors: smart engineering, smart products, and digital platforms, comprehensively covering the production and decision-making processes of the manufacturing industry, and providing a "one-stop" digital service for manufacturing enterprises.

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Estun Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Estun, stock code 002747) was established in 1993, Over the past 30 years since establishment, Estun has always adhered to the mission of "everyone enjoys automation" as the company mission, and realizing the social value of "making life better"!. The company's core business is automation core components and motion control systems, industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing systems, digital products and services, At present, Estun has become a leading enterprise in the domestic automation industry and robotics industry.

Focusing on the national equipment manufacturing industry, strategic emerging industries, and other fields, in accordance with the principles of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win, and common development", both parties fully leverage its respective resource advantages and jointly carry out innovative and leading technological breakthroughs in robotics, motion control, AC servo systems, and other fields, contributing to accelerate the development and innovation of high-level automation technology.

Based on Estun's core technological advantages in the field of motion control and industrial robots, as well as Haitian Smart's industry-leading position in precision equipment and intelligence fields, both parties have deep cooperation in the fields of drive control integration and controller technology, sharing the ecological advantages of the industrial chain in products such as Scara robots, multi joints industrial robots, motion control systems, and AC servo systems, and exploring more diverse application scenarios. Explore in-depth cooperation in the field of precision equipment, focus on Lean manufacturing, and strengthen the core competitiveness of both sides in the field of high-end precision equipment.


Driven by the digitalization wave, Estun has reached the strategic partnership with Haitian smart, which will drive both sides to build strong core competitiveness in its respective fields. Move forward with greater cohesion and a closer cooperative relationship to jointly contribute to the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing in China.


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