The 6th China International Import Expo〡CLOOS Robot debuts with the latest welding solution

At the 6th CIIE,CLOOS Robotics brought a ground rail type formal intelligent welding workstation QRH405-Start 406-CMRW500H, a multi-functional workstation QRC-230+TSH-1.25KN dual axis displacement machine+dual wire Tandem, Motio, CDD and TIG, new teaching aids, and various process exhibits, attracting many viewers to visit and exchange ideas. At this CIIE,CLOOS Robotics will communicate openly and work together to create an interconnected future!


Products Introduction

Ground rail type formal intelligent welding workstation

CLOOS Robot and FSAI jointly developed a ground rail type formal intelligent welding workstation, QRH 405 hollow wrist, arm span of 2 meters, load of 8kg+built-in water-cooled welding gun+Start high-performance water-cooled welding machine, suitable for welding medium to thin plates. Equipped with a large field of view line scan, 3D visual sensor, and intelligent welding system, it achieves precise positioning, model free programming, teaching free, and automated welding! Targeted solutions to welding problems such as small batch and multiple types of welding workpieces for steel structures, complex and diverse forms of steel structure nodes, large cutting deviations, large assembly errors, and large welding quantities.


  • QRH405, faster shaft speed, higher efficiency, high body repeatability accuracy, ± 0.08m

  • QC2 Eco control cabinet with stronger computing power, fast programming, and compact structure

  • Thick plate function options: arc tracking, nozzle positioning, multilayer and multi-channel

  • Multifunctional welding machine, Vari pulse, Rapid deep penetration welding, Speed weld high-speed pulse

  • Automatic gun cleaning: Equipped with a gun cleaning station, during the working process, automatic gun cleaning

  • Automated welding: easier to use, safer, and more efficient

Multifunctional workstation

In order to achieve cost-effective welding, CLOOS Robotics has developed a wide variety of compact robot units in line with market demand. From sensors to control cabinets, all components of workstations can be customized for configuration. The compact robot workstation is efficient and convenient, occupies a small area, saves space, and can be installed on all production lines. Diversified welding processes, corresponding accessories, and comprehensive supporting services meet all the needs of automated welding.


  • Ready to weld "turnkey system: easy to debug and quick to start

  • Space saving design: easy to integrate into the production line

  • Rich selection: flexible adjustment according to personalized requirements

New teaching pendant

At the 6th CIIE,CLOOS Robotics has launched a new type of teaching pendant. The QWP mode can achieve fast programming mode, complete coordinate system selection, modify various teaching points, perform jog operations on each axis, and edit and modify welding speed, welding voltage, current, etc. in real-time.


  • Adopting a color touch screen, compatible with buttons and touch screen operations, making it easier to get started

  • The operation interface adopts a Chinese interface, making welding programming convenient, intuitive, and easy to master

  • The operation mode has functions such as switching, pausing, and emergency stopping, making it easy for operators to quickly learn programming and operate easily

  • It can display data records such as robot body, peripheral equipment alarms, self diagnosis, and alarm content, making it more alert and safe

Collaborate with partners for high-quality development

During this year's CIIE, CLOOS Robotics reached agreements with multiple partners in fields such as energy and chemical engineering, intelligent manufacturing, and engineering machinery to accelerate the development of partners towards higher quality through intelligent technology and services.


CLOOS Robotics signed a cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Qianhai Ruiji Technology Co., Ltd. for 10000 robots. Both parties fully utilize their respective market resources and technological characteristics to carry out strong cooperation in multiple fields such as business cooperation, marketing, and industrial promotion, achieving resource sharing and complementary advantages, and jointly promoting the extension and development of both parties' businesses.


CLOOS Robotics and Xuzhou Coal Mining Group have renewed their strategic cooperation agreement. Based on CLOOS Robotics' intelligent welding solutions for coal mining equipment, the two sides will explore long-term close cooperation in multiple fields to accelerate the high-quality development of Xuzhou Coal Mining Group. This signing signifies that both sides will stand at a new historical starting point and jointly write a new chapter in modernization construction.


CLOOS Robotics and Anshan Metallurgical Industry Chain Group Co., Ltd. have signed cooperation letter of intent. Both parties will fully utilize their own advantages and resources to improve the production efficiency and energy utilization efficiency of the metallurgical industry,and promote the automation and intelligent transformation of the metallurgical industry.



As a world-renowned welding equipment manufacturer, CLOOS Robotics has accumulated over a century of welding and cutting experience. It has a wide range of applications in fields such as engineering machinery, coal mining machinery, automotive vehicles, and the military industry. As the crownless king of the welding industry, CLOOS Robotics not only practices solutions for the welding automation industry, but also continuously empowers a wider range of industry sectors with leading technology, innovative products, and profound experience.

CLOOS Robotics will actively assist various enterprises in their core business resilience and achieve quality and efficiency improvement. In the future, CLOOS Robotics will cooperate with more partners to continuously provide technical support for the industry to accelerate the development of automation, intelligence, and low-carbon, actively explore new paths for intelligent development, and contribute more efforts to the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing.





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