Strong integration of digital ecosystems | ESTUN & Siemens: from virtual debugging to offline programming, creating a digital twin of production lines

ESTUN provides complete solutions for digitalization of the entire life cycle around the value chain of digital products. In order to effectively meet the progress and quality requirements of mechanical and electrical design and debugging delivery in the field of intelligent manufacturing, ESTUN has strengthened virtual debugging and digital twin technology.

ESTUN integrated the Siemens Process Simulate digital factory virtual modeling function with the ESTUN E-Noesis platform to achieve dynamic display of production processes, timely recording of process flow, ensure the accuracy of on-site debugging and deployment, complete real-time monitoring and intelligent analysis of digital twin factory, and improve factory production efficiency and quality. By using virtual and simulation in the design and implementation of automation equipment, ESTUN shortened the on-site debugging time of production line by 30%, reduced the comprehensive debugging cost by 20%, and effectively helped customers reduce costs, shorten the construction period, and improve efficiency.

The application of digital twin systems can help enterprises provide real-time feedback on production status, reduce downtime, improve production efficiency and product quality, and thus increase competitiveness. Due to the high flexibility and scalability of digital twin technology, enterprises can conduct customized development according to their own needs, achieving comprehensive management and optimization of the production process.

Continuously optimize the operation and maintenance cost of digital solutions

realize 4 decreases and 2 increases


With the implementation of the " Double carbon" strategy, the power battery industry has attracted tremendous development opportunities. As a leading brand in the photovoltaic and lithium battery industries, ESTUN has a full range of 76 industrial robots covering loads of 3-700kg, forming a full-chain digital and intelligent solution for the entire process of lithium battery production, including raw materials, cells, pole coils, structural parts, as well as storage, transportation and delivery of lithium batteries, which improves the efficiency of energy storage batteries and power battery production.

The lithium battery production line is complex, especially the subsequent processing steps of the battery, which directly affect the product quality and the yield rate of finished products. In addition, the current new energy industry product update iteration cycle is accelerating, and traditional on-site debugging based on equipment is difficult to achieve real-time management and control of the entire process. Therefore, improving efficiency and cost, accelerating the process of digital transformation, has become the first challenge faced by the intelligent manufacturing industry.


Through deep cooperation with Siemens, ESTUN combines its robotic virtual controllers, process know-how, and model libraries to provide digital twin solutions for new and retrofit production lines, equipment maintenance and other scenarios in the intelligent manufacturing industries of new energy and automotive. This approach not only reduces delivery time but also improves product quality.


ESTUN and Siemens have deep cooperation, combining ESTUN robot virtual controller, process know-how, model library and other knowledge, to provide digital twin solutions for customers in the new energy, automotive and other intelligent manufacturing industries, such as new production lines, old line transformation, equipment maintenance and other scenarios, to reduce delivery cycle while improving product quality.

Deepen ecological cooperation with Siemens

Create digital twin solutions


ESTUN and Siemens have carried out all-round cooperation, deeply integrating ESTUN robot (3D model library, OLP offline programming, ESTUN robot virtual controller, etc.) and Process Simulate, to achieve a digital solution of Siemens Tecnomatix Process Simulate software platform + ESTUN industrial robot offline programming efficient collaboration, to accurately simulate the robot's motion sequence and automatically generate robot control code, and then download the robot control code verified by simulation to the robot physical controller to control the hardware equipment, jointly providing customers with a more efficient and fast experience.


From virtual debugging to offline programming technology, ESTUN has created a full-process digital platform and technical services to achieve efficient and flexible work in the production line and reduce the risk of failure and loss. At the same time, through the support of Internet of Things technology, data collection and analysis are realized, providing data support for the optimization and upgrading of the production line.


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