ESTUN Robotics Assists Injection Molding, Machine Tool Processing, Die Casting, and Stamping towards Intelligent and Flexible Production!

With the continuous development of technology and the rise of intelligent manufacturing, the application of robots in machine tool processing is becoming more and more extensive. Industrial robots, with their high precision and high efficiency, have greatly improved the quality and efficiency of machine tool production. In addition, the stability, reliability, work efficiency and processing precision of intelligent production lines have promoted the industry's development towards specialization, continuity and intelligence. The application of industrial robots in the machine tool industry will become more extensive and in-depth.

With its independent core technology and full industry ecosystem layout, ESTUN combined the characteristics and advantages of ER12B-1510, ER100B-3500-DW, ER50B-2100-F, ER150-3200-PR robots with the small batch and multi-category characteristics of machine tool products and process flows, has created intelligent and flexible production solutions in the processing centers, injection molding, casting, stamping and other industries, to further improve the automation level and responsiveness of enterprises, so as to achieve rapid change of product varieties and produce multiple products on the same production line.

King of dexterity: ER12B-1510

Enabling intelligent production in the processing center


Application scenarios and performance advantages

ESTUN has launched a series of complete solutions for processing centers, using automation technology to improve processing efficiency, while reducing manual intervention and operational risks through intelligent control systems to ensure stability and consistency in processing quality. In addition, ESTUN has also launched automated core components and motion control systems, which provide efficient and precise motion control and positioning capabilities for processing centers, further improving production quality and precision.

Professional downs: ER100B-3500-DW

Boosting flexible production in the injection molding industry


Application scenarios and performance advantages

Based on independent core technologies, ESTUN focuses on the application requirements of the upper and lower loading scenarios in the injection molding industry, creating the first domestically independent downward-type robot with a maximum downward depth of 2299mm, a 100kg large load and a 3500mm super long arm span. It is widely used in various process sections such as upper and lower loading, high-precision stacking and packaging and labeling in the injection molding industry, providing strong support for intelligent and flexible production in the industry, and injecting new vitality into the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing.

High-protection pioneer: ER50B-2100-F

Provide complete solutions for die casting automation


Application scenarios and performance advantages

ESTUN provides ER50B-2100-F high-protection robot and complete solutions, which basically cover the application of loading and unloading small tonnage die casting machines. The joint protective cover and special paint ensure the use of high temperature, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

The first domestic soft floating function ensures the production safety of customer equipment, workpieces and robots, which is widely used in various process sections such as die casting, loading and unloading, surface treatment, etc.

Universal strength: ER150-3200-PR

Boosting the independent development of the stamping industry


Application scenarios and performance advantages

ESTUN has planned to build a full series of four/six-axis joint robots with load of 15-350kg for the stamping industry, matching the automation requirements of various tonnage presses for loading and unloading in the stamping industry. High-load, large-inertia six-axis robots have faster cycle time and higher precision, and have strong competitive advantages in the stamping industry. ESTUN has innovatively developed the first domestic 150kg large-load stamping-specific robot, helping the stamping automation industry move towards independent development.


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