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Estun has been adhering to the strategy of ALL Made by ESTUN, insisting on system-level positive research and development, and the autonomy rate of core components of robots has reached more than 95%. It has a full range of 76 industrial robot products covering 3-700kg loads. In the Chinese market, Estun robot shipments have been ranked first among domestic brands for many years.

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Focusing on the digital application needs of smart factories, Estun has comprehensively extended upwards to create a complete digital solution for the whole life cycle, and provide digital products and services in production line design, simulation and verification, integrated delivery, and smart factory operation and maintenance. Estun has built the E-Noesis cloud platform, which provides digital functions covering process quality inspection and optimization, fault early warning analysis, remote operation and maintenance, etc., making equipment parameters, process parameters, production capacity and quality and other data transparent, and providing users with digital core