Obtained ETL certification | ESTUN obtained the first cETLus certificate for industrial six-axis robots, accelerating its international strategic layout!

Recently, ESTUN Automation passed Intertek's rigorous testing and audit, and successfully obtained the first industrial six-axis articulated robot cETLus certificate, opening a new stage of internationalization strategy. The certification ceremony was held in Nanjing ESTUN on March 1. ESTUN Vice President Yin Chenggang, Robot Product Line General Manager Lv Jian, Intertek Greater China Vice President Tang Xiran, Electronics and Electrical Northeast China General Manager Jin Zhibin and other representatives from both parties attended the certification ceremony.


The product that obtained Intertek North America certification is an industrial six-axis articulated robot exclusively developed by ESTUN for the market. It is mainly used in industrial automation production lines. The product has passed rigorous testing and successfully met the North American ANSI/UL 1740 and CAN/CSA Z434 standard requirements.

High-quality and global service system to accelerate internationalization

ESTUN actively deploys the global industrial chain, works with partners to build a growing cooperative ecosystem, and realizes global service and support. ESTUN currently has 75 service outlets around the world, with CE, UL and other international safety certifications, of which 52 industrial robots covering 3~700kg meet CE certification and are put into use in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and other countries and regions.


ESTUN continues to invest in R&D, with Nanjing as its R&D center, integrating global R&D resources from Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, etc., and forming a high-level R&D team mainly composed of international industry experts, Jiangsu Province's dual-entrepreneurship and innovation leaders, high-level overseas students, and national Thousand Talents Program talents. It has a sound R&D organizational management system, and has formed three talent echelons: automation innovation team, senior technical team, and expert academic team, shouldering a series of important R&D tasks such as ESTUN's automation product development and information technology transformation.

ESTUN Reliability Test Center consists of 9 laboratories, 5 test teams, 30 professional test directions, hundreds of professional test equipment and instruments, thousands of test methods and use cases, and comprehensive interception of product problems. The laboratory has introduced EMC anechoic chamber, Rohde & Schwarz EMC test equipment, three comprehensive test equipment, walk-in low pressure test box, walk-in sand and dust test box, rain laboratory equipment, Leica laser tracker, world-class motor performance test platform, encoder accuracy test platform and other professional test equipment to effectively improve R&D quality and product reliability.


In recent years, ESTUN has had more and more benchmark application cases overseas. Automation equipment such as robots and motion control have been maturely applied in photovoltaic, lithium battery, welding, bending and other industries in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and other regions.

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