Renew and Empower,For a Win-Win Future | ESTUN 2024 Channel Partner Conference was successfully completed

On February 29, ESTUN 2024 Channel Partner Conference was grandly held in Nanjing. With the theme of " Renew and Empower,For a Win-Win Future ", the conference discussed new models of channel cooperation with partners from all over the country, and how to work together to create a new chapter for future development.

Growing together


Wu Kan, President of ESTUN Automation, mentioned in his opening speech: "China's intelligent manufacturing has entered a new stage of development. The core technologies of automation, robots and digitalization have continued to make breakthroughs, creating the cornerstone of resilience for China's intelligent manufacturing industry. Looking at the global intelligent manufacturing industry market , innovative technologies and solutions will create a broader market.

Faced with the changes and challenges brought about by the industrial cycle and regional markets, and gaining insight into the opportunities in the new situation, ESTUN will deepen the business philosophy and channel strategy of "Open, Innovation, Striving, Growing Together", form synergy with partners, and focus on independent core technical capabilities Construction, solving labor shortages and simultaneously improving quality and efficiency. Build new quality productivity based on digital solutions, continue to create value for users with excellent products, high-standard intelligent complete solutions, and full life cycle digital services, and work with partners to achieve win-win situation.

As the leader of China's industrial robots, ESTUN's robot sales have ranked first among domestic robots for many years. At the same time, based on the core technologies of automation and robotics, ESTUN has built a robot industry ecological chain system covering the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, spanning China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas. We hope that with the power of the ecological chain system, ESTUN and Channel partners achieve resonance with the same frequency and make progress together. "

New Policy for distributor


Globalization and digitalization bring unlimited opportunities and challenges. From a global perspective, ESTUN always adheres to the corporate values of "Open, Innovation, Striving, Growing Together", and has been committed to providing channel partners with the highest quality products and services. As an important pillar for the common growth of ESTUN's industrial ecology, channel partners are an important way to promote ecological integration development, enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, cultivate a modern industrial system, and achieve high-quality development.

Focusing on the concept of cooperation, Li Wenlong, Assistant to the Executive President of ESTUN, shared the basic points of "renewal" of channel development: new model, new organization, new policy, and new rhythm. From a strategic positioning perspective, channel sales will play an increasingly important role in ESTUN's overall sales model in the long term. In terms of the concept of cooperation, ESTUN will also adhere to the channel model for a long time. To this end, ESTUN will increase its support in terms of channel construction and channel partner revenue. In 2024, ESTUN will lay out the market in multiple dimensions, work with partners to cultivate the market intensively, and collaborate with channel partners in multiple dimensions such as products, technology, services, training, and system construction to continue to expand brand awareness and jointly build motion control & Robot industry ecological chain.

Channel partners are not only an important component of ESTUN's expansion of the ecological industry chain, but also an important driving force for corporate innovation, development and growth. ESTUN will continue to optimize the channel structure, build "Reliance+ Development power" with channel partners, and jointly create more competitive solutions.

New driving force for motion control


As a leading company in China's industrial automation industry, ESTUN's motion control core technology provides high-performance motion control complete solutions for various application scenarios, covering a complete product series of information layer, control layer, drive layer and execution layer, and expands opportunities for partners. Richer program options. Bao Xiaolei, general manager of ESTUN's motion control product line, proposed that ESTUN will launch a new 5-series servo series, Flex-7, and Motion PLC products this year, committed to providing efficient, accurate, and complete motion control solutions to assist manufacturing. The industry is developing toward automation, intelligence, and digitization.

Ecological construction under robot innovation and application


Lv Jian, general manager of ESTUN's robot and application solution product line, focused on the system-level forward research and development of robots and introduced the innovation and application ecosystem construction of robots to channel partners. ESTUN always adheres to the forward research and development strategy, allowing all innovations to serve customer needs and satisfaction. Customer needs are transformed into product needs, and further transformed into technical solutions, realizing the design of robot controllers, servo systems, and bodies. Comprehensive layout.

Based on systematic organizational construction, ESTUN Robotics team continues to understand user needs and has continuously created a variety of phenomenal products in the field of robotics, including sheet metal bending robots, die-casting high-protection robots, general heavy-duty robots, high-precision & high-speed Photovoltaic-specific robots, etc., have comprehensively built the ability to identify scenario-based application requirements, quickly iterate technology and product solutions, and solve user pain points.

In 2023, ESTUN will focus on application scenarios and combine the core technology of "Robot+" complete solutions to create a new UNO series of high-value application scenario robots. Focusing on high-end application scenarios, in the automotive field, it integrates new process applications such as spot welding, arc welding, and glue coating to provide high-efficiency, more stable, and high-performance complete solutions. In the field of grinding, adaptive grinding trajectory adjustment has been launched, which increases the yield rate by 20%, the debugging efficiency by 30%, and the abrasive utilization rate by 30%.

In the future, ESTUN will drive robots to develop in a full-category and scenario-based direction based on core automation technologies, and work with channel partners to enter more subdivided industries, using a mutual empowerment model to jointly complete the construction of an intelligent ecosystem.

Cobot and Co-win


In 2023, ESTUN CoDroid released the embodied intelligent robot platform and general-purpose cobot products, which also means that ESTUN CoDroid has fully entered the "fast lane" in the field of intelligent robots. At this conference, Li Yuanping, general manager of ESTUN CoDroid, brought the latest research results and industry applications of new human-machine collaboration products, allowing imagination to land through the innovative design of AI+ robots. Based on the interleaved and complementary model of industrial and collaborative scenarios, we focus on customer production line needs such as "flexibility, safety, and high availability" to accelerate the application scenarios of collaborative robots in electronics, automobiles, metal processing, welding, medical and other industries.

In the future, ESTUN CoDroid will committed to transforming traditional robot human-computer interaction and programming work models by giving robots intelligent brains, focusing on promoting embodied intelligence technology, and providing various general-purpose intelligent human-machine collaborative robot products and application solutions to meet the needs of Broad market demands such as industry and services.

New products,New glory


At present, welding technology is gradually developing in the direction of "high efficiency, high quality, and digitalization". In 2023, the sales volume of ESTUN welding robots continued to rank first among domestic brands in the Chinese market (data from: GGII). As the first and only brand in China to complete the entire industrial chain layout of "welding power sources, welding robots, and digital welding solutions", ESTUN continues to delve into various welding application scenarios. With profound accumulation of welding technology, it has mature and extensive applications in the welding fields of thin plates, medium-thick plates, extra-thick plates, heterogeneous metals, and special metals.

"ESTUN has explored and built capabilities across the entire industry development cycle with its advantages and technologies in all welding scenarios. We have promoted the implementation and witnessed the tremendous power that more than 200 arc welding robots have brought to traditional industries. We have participated and promoted the global rise of the automotive ocean network series. Our extremely mature thick plate welding technology has enabled major countries to complete qualitative transformation. In the future, we will continue to enter the no-man's land in the welding field and integrate real-time programming technology (IRPS), teaching-free welding technology, additive welding technology, and ultra-high-speed arc welding technology empower all walks of life," Zhang Peng, product director of ESTUN's arc welding robot said.

At this conference, ESTUN released new arc welding robot products and new solutions, including a 12KG hollow wrist welding robot with a larger load, iMT welding solutions, laser welding solutions, and intelligent welding applications, and continued to strengthen its innovation drive. Provide industry-leading complete solutions in electric vehicle welding, metal furniture, automotive industry, agricultural machinery heavy truck and other industries.

Digitalization accelerates the implementation of Intelligent manufacturing


Focusing on the digital application needs of smart factories, ESTUN has fully extended upward to create complete digital solutions for the entire life cycle, providing digital products and services in production line design, simulation and verification, integrated delivery, smart factory operation and maintenance, and other aspects.

Zhang Shunkang, manager of the Marketing Engineering Department of ESTUN’s digital product line, mentioned that ESTUN is fully committed to building “motion control industrial software platform”, “simulation and offline programming software”, “graphical programming software”, and “discrete manufacturing-product digital management software”. " and so on, taking "software + hardware + digital services" as the core competitiveness to drive the digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises.

"ESTUN integrates 30 years of experience in massive equipment automation, motion control, and intelligent manufacturing solutions, fully communicates various digital needs of users, sorts out the boundaries of controllable/uncontrollable elements in production line design, and builds rich industry processes and products. The line operation and maintenance model opens up equipment and production line data silos, provides digital functions covering process quality inspection and optimization, fault warning analysis, remote operation and maintenance, etc., and makes various data such as equipment parameters, process parameters, production capacity and quality transparent, and provides Leading brands in lithium batteries, photovoltaics, steel structures, sheet metal automation and other industries provide digital core competitiveness.”

In the future, digital solutions driven by artificial intelligence and large models will accelerate the evolution of the industrial ecosystem. ESTUN will continue to share new technologies and solutions, work with partners to jointly lay out new opportunities for new digitalization, and jointly develop new blue oceans for the industry.

The successful conclusion of ESTUN's Channel Partner Conference marks that the cooperation between ESTUN and channel partners has entered a new stage. ESTUN will work side by side with channel partners to build and create together, adhere to the customer-centered value concept, insist on driving industry development with new technologies and new industries, and insist on meeting customer needs with smarter and more efficient complete solutions. Let’s work together to create a better future.


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