"Diplomatic Corps Visit Jiangsu" - Entering ESTUN

On March 27, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized the "Visiting of Diplomatic Corps to Jiangsu",led by Wu Hongbo, Special Representative of the Chinese Government for European Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with representatives from 28 countries and international organizations in China including Japan, South Africa, Spain, and Argentina, visited and investigated ESTUN's technological development and industrial layout in industrial intelligence and digitalization, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions.


ESTUN President Wu Kan and relevant staff in charge of international business introduced ESTUN's advanced technologies and complete solutions in the fields of automation, industrial robots, and digitalization to the delegation, as well as ESTUN's contributions to global new energy, green manufacturing, and digitalization. ESTUN will continue to upgrade  business, demonstrate global business layout and business philosophy of “Open, Innovation, Striving, and Growing Together” to the delegation. This visit aims to enhance the understanding of China's advanced manufacturing industry by diplomatic envoys from various countries in China and promote international technical exchanges and cooperation.



The diplomatic Corps visited ESTUN's multi-functional exhibition hall. The international business and related leaders introduced to them that ESTUN as the first domestic industrial robot brand and the world's leading intelligent manufacturing provider, have joined hands with industry leading brands to create smart manufacturing benchmark production lines and factories with smart manufacturing capabilities in automobiles, photovoltaics, lithium batteries, Metal processing, electronic manufacturing, building materials and home furnishings, logistics and packaging, food, tobacco and alcohol, rail transit, engineering machinery, special vehicles, shipbuilding and offshore engineering and other sub-industries.


Wu Hongbo, the Special Representative of the Chinese Government for European Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, conducted a detailed understanding of the layout of ESTUN's related business and technical fields, and had in-depth exchanges with the Chinese Embassy in China.


During this visit, ESTUN's layout in the fields of new energy and intelligence left a deep impression on the mission. " Everything impresses me. The people, the place, the development, the technology, the balance between the green, the environment, the traditional ways, the new ways of technology, the youth, the seniors. It's just so impressive. The development of the technology as it relates to renewable energy, the wide array of technological solutions that's available or they have made available through research and development, it's impressive." The representative said that they looking forward to cooperating with enterprises in Nanjing in digital automation and technological development in the future.


On the layout of internationalization, as one of the windows in China's advanced manufacturing industry, ESTUN actively deploys the global industrial chain. ESTUN owns Trio, Cloos and M.A.i., and joins hands with global partners to create a growth-oriented cooperation ecosystem. Achieve global service and support. ESTUN currently has 75 service outlets around the world and has safety certifications such as CE and UL that comply with international standards. At the same time, ESTUN uses Nanjing as its R&D center, integrates global R&D resources from Germany, UK and the United States, and establishes an R&D team with internationally leading capabilities to continue to provide complete digital solutions to global customers with excellent quality and efficient services.


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