Digital Evolution, Driving the Future | ESTUN Motion Control OPEN DAY & New Product Launch Successfully Completed

On May 10th, ESTUN Motion Control OPEN DAY & New Product Launch was grandly held in Nanjing. The theme of the new product launch was "Digital Evolution, Driving the Future". With the witness of numerous industry experts and partners, ESTUN showcased the latest innovative achievements and technological breakthroughs in the field of sports control, injecting new vitality into the sustainable development of the industry.

Dual brand synergy to win the new future of motion control


Wu Kan, President of ESTUN, said that ESTUN, as a leading brand of motion control and robotics in China, has built motion controllers, servo systems and complete motion control solutions applied in many industries based on its own motion control core technology, and has completed the upward extension of its core business based on motion control and incubated China's leading industrial robotics eco-industry chain. Motion control technology not only constitutes the solid heritage of ESTUN's products, but also the strong foundation of our continuous breakthroughs and innovations.

In the face of the ever-changing market environment, ESTUN has always adhered to the development of the operation and control business, and is committed to providing customers with more comprehensive and more reliable production line solutions through continuous innovation. ESTUN adopts a combination of Chinese and English research and development model, and constantly optimizes the product portfolio to meet the diversified needs of customers. The firm implementation of the “dual-brand” strategy of “ESTUN + TRIO” combines TRIO's profound accumulation in the field of motion control with ESTUN's operation management and cost optimization concepts to form a strong synergy effect.

Looking to the future, ESTUN will adhere to the internationalization development strategy, continuously promote the brand to the global market, and join hands with partners to create a growth-oriented cooperation ecosystem and achieve globalization of services and support. The dual-brand strategy will bring ESTUN a broader market space and richer industry applications, enabling ESTUN to show stronger competitiveness and influence in the global market.

Motion First Automation


Tom Alexander, General Manager of TRIO Motion Control UK, a wholly owned subsidiary of ESTUN, said, “As a global motion control specialist, TRIO has always adhered to the Motion-First Automation vision, and continues to improve the efficiency of production lines for its partners. MOTION PLCs and a wide range of IO modules. TRIO's products are easy to use, comply with IEC-61131-3 specification, and have high performance motion control capabilities, bringing customers professional and complete solutions.

Tom said that TRIO will uphold the spirit of innovation, work hand in hand with ESTUN, continue to pay attention to market demand and technology trends, and actively develop innovative products and solutions to jointly promote the development of global industrial automation and create greater value for customers.

Customer value-driven to help new quality productive forces


Bao Xiaolei, General Manager of ESTUN's motion control product line, took the new quality productivity as the starting point to highlight the strategic practices of ESTUN's motion control series products in driving customer value.

ESTUN adheres to independent research and development, and is committed to improving the core technology capability. The motion control series products cover CNC system, HMI, 50w-200KW series AC servo, linear drive, TRIO multi-series high-end motion controller, Motion PLC, Internet of Things module and other products, is committed to providing efficient, accurate and perfect motion control solutions to help manufacturing industry to automation, intelligence, digital development.

In addition, ESTUN always focuses on customers and builds a perfect quality assurance system and professional after-sales service system to provide timely and efficient technical support and after-sales service. Bao Xiaolei said that ESTUN will help the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and high-quality development with more excellent technology and more perfect service.

New product release of ESTUN motion control series


Xu Leping, Vice General Manager of ESTUN's motion control product line and Director of TRIO products, made an all-round introduction of the new series of products. With powerful performance, perfect solutions, efficient programming language and high reliability and safety, the new motion control products of ESTUN show great potential in the field of motion control, which can effectively promote customers to realize higher value creation.

5-in-1 Servo Drive


Product Features

1 Minimalist design, 40% space saving in installation

2 Reserve control interface, can be integrated with the customer's own controller

3 With TRIO motion controller, it can realize multi-axis flexible expansion.

4 Common busbar design, green energy saving, the cycle of comprehensive energy saving of more than 20

5 Energy consumption statistics, real-time visibility

6 Meet the multi-level demand of injection molding machine robot, parallel robot, electronic assembly equipment, 3/5-axis dispenser and other models.

FLEX-7 Medium-large Controller


Product Features

1 Super bandwidth: support up to 128 real axes and 128 virtual axes

2 Powerful performance: minimum servo cycle 125us

3 Rich networking: Support ModbusTCP, Ethernet/lP and ProfinetlO.

4 Speed Interaction: 10 times faster Ethernet communication.

5 Flexible Expansion: EtherCAT and CAN I/O can be expanded.

6 Easy Programming: Support TrioBASIC and IEC61131-3 programming.

7 Satisfy the diversified needs of multi-station round knife die-cutting machine, lithium-ion battery punching and cutting machine, lithium-ion battery winding machine, rotary printing machine, semiconductor plastic sealing machine, photovoltaic sorting machine and other models.

Motion PLC & Slice I/O

motion-plc gif.gif

Product Features

1 Extremely slim, 16-axis size 100mm * 75mm * 23mm

2 Dual Ethernet ports for flexible networking

3 Flexible expansion of various plug-in I/O systems

4 Large margin design, strong anti-interference

5 New IEC 2.0 version, easy programming, fast migration

6 Support synchronization, interpolation, flying shear and other complex motion control

7 Support a variety of robot control FRAME model

8 Widely used in vertical packaging machines, pillow packaging machines, die-cutting machines, cornering machines, vertical winding machines, stator binding machines, dispensing machines and other models

As a leading enterprise in China's intelligent manufacturing industry, ESTUN has cultivated and operated ESTUN & TRIO, two dominant brands in the field of motion control. Based on its rich product line, it has constructed a complete solution of high-performance motion control that meets all kinds of application scenarios, covering the complete product series of information layer, control layer, drive layer and execution layer, so as to expand a richer choice of solutions for its partners.

The success of this new product launch not only demonstrates ESTUN's leading position and innovation ability in the field of motion control, but also further consolidates its brand image and market position in the industry. In the future, ESTUN will continue to adhere to the concept of “Digital Intelligence Evolution, Drive and Control the Future”, and continuously launch more innovative and competitive products, contributing more innovative power to the development of the industry.

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